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Tips On Making Your Own Beats

Making your own beats may sound very exciting yet it is relatively challenging, as well. Proper timing is important since you need to follow the style of rhythm. However, if you play along with the music, you will quickly observe the tempo of the song, and this makes beats-making easier. In the past, creating beats […]

Create Your Own House Music For The Party

It’s hard to imagine a party without house music. It would be a big disappointment to your guests. While there are many alternatives today in entertaining your house guests, nothing compares to the extent music adds life to the party. So the next time you are throwing a party in the house make sure you […]

An Honest Review Of DubTurbo From BeatMakersHQ

What The Heck Is DubTurbo? DubTurbo is an on-line beat making application that’s really sweet. Regardless of where you are, so long as you have a PC or Mac with internet accessibility, you can actually make beats anywhere on the planet. I discovered that to be quite helpful. Inspiration can occur anywhere y’know!   What […]

Trance Music Maker Software Is Here!

Wouldn’t it be sweet to create your own trance music tracks that can match up to any of the top DJs and Producers in the world? Have you ever dreamt of becoming a trance music producer and making your own electronic beats and tracks, and totally exploring your musical imagination? Now you can with some […]

Create Music on Your Laptop Like a PRO

Do you want to create music on your laptop or computer but aren’t sure how to get started? Are you worried it will be either incredibly expensive, or insanely time consuming to produce and make music? This article is going to show you how to create music on your laptop using one of the best […]

Where Can You Get a Dubturbo Trial?

Have you been searching the net for a free trial version of Dubturbo? Are you hoping to put the Dubturbo software through a good trial run before you decide on whether or not to purchase the full version for yourself? Many others have come to me asking where they can get a trial copy of […]

Dubturbo Sample Kits, Packs, and Sounds Review

Dubturbo has rightfully gained a reputation for having some of the best pre-stocked sample kits of any beat making tool on the market. It’s rare that a tool comes with so many high quality samples, usually you have to purchase additional packs and kits to build such a high quality sound library. In this article […]

Rap Beat Maker

Quickly Start Producing Rap Beats with This SICK Rap Beat Maker! Do you want to produce your own rap beats on your home computer? Are you looking for software that is PRO STUDIO quality AND easy enough to use for someone who has never produced before? Do you want to discover your hidden talent for […]