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Are you looking for beat making software that’s easy to use yet powerful? Would you like to produce professional quality music on your computer quickly? Do you worry that you have no previous studio experience or lack audio production knowledge?

Have you heard of Dubturbo but aren’t quite sure what to think about it?

I know how it feels because I’ve been there myself… You’re just getting started with music production and there is a TON of information you have to sift through about software, hardware, studios, computers, and on and on… The more you read and research the more complicated it all seems, but the truth is that it’s WAY simpler than you think.

Truth be told, there’s a much easier way!

Dubturbo Beat Maker Software

Tens of thousands of aspiring producers just like you have been turning to Dubturbo and smashing through the usual (difficult) learning curve to experience the rush of creating pro quality tracks in a much easier and more straightforward way.

Spending hours, weeks, or months learning complex audio software is not something that should get in the way of being creative and bringing your musical ideas to life. No other beat making software on the market empowers you to start making hit quality music from day one like Dubturbo!


With Dubturbo Software…

You can get your first tune complete and on CD or uploaded to Youtube in no time!

So what makes Dubturbo such a powerful yet easy to use music maker? How about the ability to draw in melodies on the fly, drag and drop beats and sounds onto a 16 track sequencer, or bang in beats with your computer keyboard!

These are the kind of features that make Dubturbo so much fun and so incredibly intuitive. The first time you open the software it just seems to automatically make sense, even if you’ve never seen or worked in a music studio before.

Other software can leave you totally confused and unsure of how to get even a simple beat or instrument going!

Dubturbo Software Screen Shot

Don’t underestimate it though… Dubturbo is designed as a stand alone studio and provides you with the most common components of a REAL STUDIO such as a sequencer, 10 pad drum machine, and sampling keyboard. This is no Mickey mouse audio software!

My Top 10 Favorite Dubturbo Features

  • Tap in your beats with your keyboard!
  • 4 octave sampling keyboard
  • Jam packed with thousands of pro engineered samples & sounds
  • Change your drum kits and samples on the fly
  • Import your own sounds
  • Free video training to help get you going
  • 16 tracks with individual volume, EQ, pan, etc.
  • Play melodies & notes with your keyboard
  • Easily copy, paste, and drag bars and patterns
  • True Studio Quality Sound

So other than being a WAY better choice for new producers who don’t want to deal with learning the most complex software, how does Dubturbo stack up to the other “Easy” music making software? Take a look at our comparison chart below and see for yourself why this is the first TRUE all in one solution for aspiring music producers…

Dubturbo Comparison With Other Music Software

As you can see, the problem with the “other” easy to use music software is that they just don’t provide professional quality production, and that’s what makes Dubturbo different, it’s the first easy to use audio production software that offers REAL Studio Quality Sound!

Simply put… Dubturbo puts the power of professional audio engineering, composition, and beat making into your hands – BUT does so in a way that is easy, fast, and fun!

Make Your First Hit Track TONIGHT

Make Hit Tracks With Dubturbo

There’s nothing in the world like the feeling of working on your own original track, hearing your musical ideas come to life, and then listening back to your creation and thinking to yourself “Holy s*%$t – I can produce music! This is my track!”

If you install Dubturbo, you’ll be making your first beat within minutes, and all of the musical ideas and creativity you’ve been storing up this whole time will just come pouring out.

Can you imagine how great it will be when you take your CD over to your friends house and pop it in without telling them what it is? After listening for a bit they’ll say “hey what the heck is this??” and you can drop the bomb on them that this is YOUR MUSIC, THAT YOU PRODUCED… THESE ARE YOUR BEATS!

Whether you tell them about Dubturbo or not is up to you… chances are they’ll wonder how you managed to produce your own professional sounding music. “Maybe he’s been secretly learning audio production for the past few months” they might think. Now you can tell them you just starting making tracks last night, or you can keep that bit to yourself…

Click the big orange button below to turn your computer into a music studio and start working on your first track with Dubturbo!

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