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What is the Best Beat Making Software on the Market?

We get asked this question all of the time. In fact, it’s probably the most common e-mail we receive here at BeatMakerHQ.com – It’s understandable that you want to know what the top Beat Maker is but you need to understand something – “it all depends…”

It depends on your experience level and what you wish to accomplish. Do you want to work on creating your own beats using your computer, or do you want to record a full drum kit using a professional drummer?

Have you been producing for 6 days or 6 years?

If you’re new to the beat making game then we always recommend you download the Dubturbo Beat Making Software. Not only is it perfect for beginners but it has top notch studio quality sound and we highly recommend it to the more experienced producers and beat makers as well.

*Special Note: Dubstep is MASSIVE right now, and Dubturbo is the perfect all in one Dubstep Beat Maker Software for new producers who want a quick, easy, and powerful tool for creating sick studio quality dubstep tracks and beats.

Screen Shots and Track Examples

Check out these screen shots and specifications. We’ve also posted some examples of beats that have been made in Dubturbo, which you can find in .WAV format underneath the following screen shots.

If you’re looking for a download link you can find it further towards the bottom of the page!

Want to hear an example of the quality of beats that are possible with this beat making software? You can check out these tracks that were made with Dubturbo and get an idea of just how good your beats can sound. Probably even better than us if you’ve got some raw talent and a bit of heart!

Download The Best Beat Making Software!

We think that Dubturbo is the sickest beat maker on the market and we can’t recommend it highly enough. If you want the best chance at seeing what you’re made of when it comes to making beats then this is the software that can help you get the job done.

Download Dubturbo 2.0

The included sound packages are amazing. Whether you wan to create Rap, Hip Hop, Techno, Jungle, or Dubstep – This beat maker has you covered. And the best thing is that you can learn this program fast, it’s so straightforward and easy to use that you’ll wonder how other people get suckered into spending thousands on ridiculously complex and over-the-top studio setups.


  1. Professional Quality Sound
  2. Easy to Use

If you download this beat maker, you WILL make sick beats. Professional Sounding Beats. High Quality bangers that could be right up there with any of the stuff coming out of some of the biggest hip hop studios in the world!

You want an edge with making your beats? This is the software that gives you that edge. Period. So check it out, download it today and who knows… You could be the next Kanye West, Jay Z, or Dr Dre…

Still not convinced? Want to see this thing in action? Here’s a video of Dubturbo being used to make a few different beats. As you can see it’s laid out very nicely and it’s super easy to use. Not only that but, as we’ve said, the sound quality really is top notch!

One of the reasons we recommend this beat making software to new beat makers is because of just how friendly and intuitive the interface is. As you can see it’s very easy to navigate the software and create beats.

Software Features

  • Draw in notes and beats
  • Tap out beats on your keyboard
  • Drag & Copy sounds around
  • Use Mouse to edit volumes as you go
  • Draw in bars and build in 2 clicks

Ready to get started?

Download The Best Beat Making Software

Here is the link to download, what we consider to be, the best beat making software on the market. Check it out today and start using your computer to churn out some seriously impressive, studio quality beats!

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