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How to Make Hip Hop Beats

Want To Produce Studio Quality Hip Hop Beats?

How To Make Hip Hop Beats

Are you worried it will take HOURS, DAYS, or WEEKS to learn?

Creating your own studio quality beats doesn’t have to be complicated, and this article will show you how to make hip hop beats quickly & easily so you can begin producing your own beats, tracks, and music right away!

It’s normal for new producers to feel flooded by all of the information available on beat making. But as you’ll see, there’s really no need to be!

The best way to start is to simply dive in. Hands on experience is the best way to learn this game… And with that in mind, rather than fill your head with technical information, theories, and jargon… We want you to begin working on your own beats and tracks as quickly as possible. This way you can learn and improve at the same time as you’re making music!

But before we jump right in, there are a few things to go over…

The ESSENTIAL Equipment You Need To Make Hip Hop Beats

If you want to be a hip hop beat maker you will need a few basic pieces of equipment. But don’t worry it’s not like it was 5 years ago where you needed to spend thousands of dollars just to get a simple production setup… chances are you already have most of the necessary equipment… Technology has come a long way!

You Will Need

  • Computer (specifications outlined below)
  • Speakers or Headphones
  • Beat Making Software

Computer: Computer speed and specifications shouldn’t be an issue for you unless you’re computer is pushin’ 10 years old. Processors are so powerful these days that unless you bought your computer from a bum off the street chances are you can run music and beat making software. Both laptop and desktop computers are OK, and also Mac or PC (windows) computers are both fine because practically all music production software is released for both of these platforms… just make sure that when you’re working on beats you close down any other programs or windows you have open…

Speakers: Any pair of speakers or headphones will do… As you get more serious about making beats and you’re ready to invest some money, then definitely spend a couple of hundred dollars on some good speakers… but for now your speakers will be fine. As far as headphones go, try to get the headphones that sit on your ears, and not in them (ear buds). You can pick up a pair of these for as little as $10, but again as you get more serious you should consider investing some decent money in to a good pair of headphones. In the mean time if you have to use earbuds then that will be ok too so don’t worry!

Beat Making Software: This is where it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. There are so many music and beat production software tools available that it’s tough to know what to get. Add on to that the fact that some tools are extremely complicated and can take months to learn, and it’s easy to see why so many people give up on making hip hop beats so easily. Luckily there are a few GREAT beat making programs (links below) that are PERFECT for new producers because they will create high quality professional studio grade tracks, while being very user friendly and easy to learn. Remember we said that the best way to learn to produce is to DIVE RIGHT IN and START MAKING BEATS, and that’s why we recommend these programs so highly…

3 Essentials of Beat Making Software

  1. Studio Grade Sound Output
  2. Easy to Learn And Use
  3. Professional Quality Sample Kits

Sample Kits are a HUGE part of how good your beats sound. The same beat made with crappy samples vs professionally engineered samples can sound COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

What is a Sample Kit??

A sample kit is the collection of sounds that comes included with your beat making software and they are the sounds you use to make your beats, and the quality of these sounds and samples are massively important!

Hip Hop Beat Maker Software Box

Dubturbo 2.0 is a beat maker that comes absolutely JAM PACKED with studio grade sample kits that will make your beats SHINE!

This is only one of the many reasons that Dubturbo is our #1 Recommended beat maker software. You can what one of our friends DJ Mike P had to say about it when we asked him for a review of the Dubturbo software for Beat Makers HQ.

Imagine producing your own beats, coming up with bad ass bass lines, cycling through thousands of professional sample kits & sounds to find the perfect snare drum, then exporting your finished track to mp3 so you can BLAST it in your car, rap over it, or show it to your friends…


Take our advice and Download Dubturbo 2.0

You will create amazing bass bumping chest thumping hip hop beats… Your friends will be jealous and wonder how you made such sick beats so quickly as a new producer!!

The secret is out… You don’t need to break the bank buying expensive studio equipment to create your own hip hop beats.

Many people don’t want to take the advice we give and instead end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on music production hardware and software then spend months learning only to give up and never finish a track or beat.

… forget these PUNKS…

Start Making Your Own Beats TODAY!

Click the link to visit the Dubturbo site, download the software, and start producing your own studio quality beats within MINUTES!