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Create Studio Quality Music on Your Computer

No Experience Needed to Start Today!

Music Maker Production

Have you been toying with the idea of creating your own music? Are you interested in exploring your creativity by using your computer to produce your own songs, tracks, and beats? Do you wonder what talents or skills may lay hidden within you, just waiting for a chance to be expressed?

Making Music is a blast, and a great creative outlet… So whether you are serious about music or you just want to have fun, this article will go over everything you need to know so you can start creating music with your home computer – TODAY!

* Important – The first thing I want to do is quickly clear away some of the misconceptions of what it takes to produce high quality music. Many people worry that they need a ton of experience, a fancy home studio, or loads of money…

Not True!

With today’s technology anyone can create pro quality music on their home computer easily and affordably!

Only 3 Things Are Needed To Make Hit Music From Home!

  1. A Computer with Speakers or Headphones
  2. Music Making Software
  3. Imagination and Creativity

What Kind of Computer, Speakers, or Headphones?

What Kind of Music Making Equipment

One of the greatest things about the last 5 years of technological development has been a standardization of the processing power of the average home computer. If you have a computer, desktop or laptop, that is less than 5 years old it will without a doubt be able to run high quality music production programs smoothly and efficiently. Even the cheapest laptop you can buy from Walmart is super powerful these days!

We have truly entered a golden age of computing power which opens up the possibility of studio quality media production to the average home computer user.

Speakers and Headphones have likewise come a LONG way in recent years, and to be honest practically any basic speaker or headphone setup will do just fine.

The only 2 warnings I would like to give are… First, don’t use your built in laptop speakers, get yourself a small set of speakers at least. Second, if you have to make music in your headphones it’s better to avoid earbuds (the ones that go inside your ear) and instead try to get yourself a pair of headphones that sit on top of your ears (the ones that look like earmuffs).

The reason is that built in laptop speakers and earbuds just aren’t powerful enough and you won’t be able to get a clear perception of the sound you’re creating.

What Is Music Making Software and How Does it Work?

Music Making Software Screen Shot

The next ingredient in turning your home computer into a music making machine is the right music making application (software)….

Music and sound production software is specialty software that helps you to write, compose, orchestrate, design, and create music & sound. It does all of this by giving you a graphical interface in which to build your music piece by piece, play sounds, and be creative. The most common way that this is implemented is to use something called a sequencer, which is essentially a grid that is read from left to right and onto which you place your sounds, melodies, and patterns. If this sounds complicated don’t worry it’s really easy once you see it for yourself!

Music making software gives you an easy way to create melodies, draw in drum sounds, build chords, write entire songs, designate which instruments play which sounds, add sound FX, create rhythms, produce beats and much much more! And all of this is done by simply using your mouse to drag and drop sounds, select instruments, build your music, and create entire songs!

The right music production software makes it easy and fun to create music and express your imagination!

There’s a huge range of sound production software available out there. Some of it is extremely complex and difficult to learn, while others are very user friendly and easy to operate. A huge difference in price also exists and you’ll notice that you can find everything from totally free software right up to programs that cost thousands of dollars!

In addition there’s also quality factors to consider. What this means is, some software just doesn’t output studio quality sound, and these tend to be the cheaper ones… Which can put you in a catch-22 because as a new music maker you probably want to begin producing music without spending huge money OR sacrificing sound quality OR spending months just learning.

With all of this in mind you should look for the following qualities…

Top Music Maker Software Qualities

  1. Professional (Studio) Quality Sound
  2. Easy To Use & Learn
  3. Affordable

Dubturbo 2.0 is a GREAT example of music making software that meets all of these requirements. We highly recommend it to anyone who is new to producing music and wants to start creating hit quality tracks and songs right away without sacrificing sound quality or forking out a bunch of cash…

Click Here to check out Dubturbo 2.0

Even if you have NO Experience, You’ll be making top notch music and beats within minutes of installing Dubturbo! It’s so easy to use, yet it’s super powerful. It truly puts unlimited music production potential under your command, even if you’re a complete beginner!

With Dubturbo the only limit is your imagination!

Imagination, Creativity, and Fun!

No matter what anyone else tells you, always remember that the most important things are imagination, creativity, and fun. There are those who will try to convince you that it’s more important to have the latest and fanciest production gear, expensive speakers, or super complicated software. I like to call these people “gear nerds” because they seem more interested in the status that comes with having all the latest equipment, or they just like the “nerd” factor of owning and operating the most complex programs available…

Don’t become one of these “gear nerds”, because what really matters is making great music. And to make great music doesn’t take the newest and most expensive equipment. A truly creative individual can make highly original, top quality ideas come to life with just about anything that can create sound.

Think about it… Have you ever heard someone play the spoons really really well? (That’s right, THE SPOONS!) – If you haven’t, let me tell you that it’s SUPER COOL. And the funny thing is that I’ve heard someone play the spoons who is 10x the musician as someone who has a $100,000 music studio in their house!!

Unleash your imagination, create music for the sheer joy of exploring your potential, and have fun!

Set free your hidden potential and talent, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a music producer… Because with the right frame of mind and a drive to express yourself, nothing can hold you back!

Dubturbo is one of those programs that has caused a firey controversy in the market because it puts the power of studio quality music production into the hands of the average user, and even those who have no experience with music or audio production can make killer music.

This has really upset some of the “gear nerds” who’ve spent thousands of dollars only to have dubturbo come along and give totally new music makers the ability to create songs and tracks that are just as good if not waayyyy better than what they make with all of their (unnecessary) expensive hardware and software.

Start Making Music Right Now!

Turn your home computer into your own creative sound studio, and within minutes of installing Dubturbo you’ll be making your own music, writing melodies, and producing your own songs!

Click the link below to start making music TODAY!

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