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How to Make Trance Music

Become A Real Trance Music Producer!

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Are you totally new to music production? Do you want to start working on your own tracks right away but worry that it will be difficult to learn? It doesn’t have to be complex or hard, and this article will show how to make trance music with your computer quickly and easily!

Keep reading to learn everything you need in order to get started right away – including which equipment you need, what trance music software to download, and how to start making great sounding tracks from day 1!

If you like listening to trance music, you’re going to absolutely fall in love with making your own tracks. Words can’t even describe the satisfaction of listening to your own music bumping on a good sound system. And the act of being creative and losing yourself in music production is just plain GOOD FOR THE SOUL… We hope this article helps you experience all of this for yourself!


  1. Do you need a full fledged studio to make trance music?
  2. Is producing music difficult? How long will it take to learn?
  3. Which software is best for making trance music?
  4. Top 3 tips for creating great trance tracks

Do You Need A Full Fledged Studio To Make Trance Music?

A Trance Music Studio

Many people worry that audio production is not only complex, but is expensive and requires that you spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on equipment, software, and the like…

This was the case in the past but times have changed, technology has improved exponentially, and now just about anyone with a decent laptop or desktop computer can run studio quality music & beat making production software.

The truth is that you could spend lots of money and build yourself a fancy home studio, but it’s not required AT ALL. There are big name producers, especially in electronic music, who use only their laptop and a simple pair of headphones or speakers to create high quality club worthy music & beats…

So the setup we recommend to new producers who are just starting out? Just use your existing desktop or laptop computer, and install some music production software (more on that below) this will be MORE than enough to get you started creating some high quality tracks.

Is Producing Trance Music Difficult? How Long Will It Take?

Music production software and technology has, over the years, become more and more accessible and user friendly.

There definitely is still some VERY COMPLEX music production software on the market, but the general trend has been for the technology to become easier and more straight forward.

This is great for new producers such as yourself, because at one time if you wanted to get into making your own trance tracks, you’d probably have to spend a few months just learning all the technology and becoming familiar with the available software.

So while there are many advanced and complex programs on the market, there are also some very easy to use, and extremely high quality ones that are great for new producers who want to produce studio grade tracks quickly & easily. We recommend a great piece of trance music production software in the next section so keep reading!

Which Software Is Best For Making Trance Music?

Software To Make Trance Music

If you want to produce your own hot trance music FAST, without spending months, weeks, or years learning to produce or master the more complex production software. Then you should definitely check out Dubturbo 2.0!

Even as a total beginner with no experience you’ll be completely absorbed in making your own trance music within MINUTES of starting the program, it’s that easy to use!

Check Out Dubturbo 2.0

But just because it’s EASY to use, don’t think it makes any sacrifices on power or quality…

Dubturbo 2.0 pumps out PRO Quality beats & Studio Grade Sounds!

So what you get is the perfect combination of ease of use with quality of production, which is why it’s perfect for new trance producers and the more advanced users as well.

The sound kits, samples, beats, and fx that come with this program are also a cut above the rest. After using almost all of the music production software available on the market I’d be willing to place a firm bet on the fact that Dubturbo includes one of the best sample & sound libraries of any piece of software out there. It’s definitely worth getting the program even just for this alone!

Click Here For In-depth Information on the Dubturbo Music Making Software.

Top 3 Tips For Creating Great Trance Tracks

1. Listen to lots and lots of trance music. If you want to become better at producing trance music then you need to listen to trance music as much as possible. The more you listen to it the more it will soak into your subconscious and you will begin to effortlessly rework what you hear in the back of your mind and this will feed your creativity and originality.

2. Try to copy your favorite tracks. This doesn’t mean plagiarizing, what this means is that you try to emulate the best stuff out there. By doing this your own music will get better because you will be forced to push yourself and try to make better music. So if one of your favorite trance songs has a great bass line, then listen closely to the bass line and try to create a similar bass line for your own track. You will learn a lot in the process and your bass lines will be forever improved!

3. Network with other producers. Make friends in the trance music production scene by seeking out message boards, blogs, or getting to know some of your local DJs & Producers. Doing this will help you to not only learn from people with more experience, but it will give you an opportunity to share your music and get valuable feedback from people that can maybe help you iron out a few things and expand your creative horizons.

Become A Trance Music Producer Today!

If there’s one thing this article should have taught you, it’s that YOU can become a trance music producer without spending huge money on equipment or complex music software…

Passion is the most important thing, because when you are passionate you will unlock your creativity and that “something special” will come through all the trance music you make!

And all you really need to get started is some basic music making software like Dubturbo, and a standard laptop or desktop computer like the one you’re using right now!

You’ll be blown away by just how much fun it is to make your own music, and your friends and family will be totally surprised at the quality of the tracks you make…

So if you’re ready to start producing STUDIO QUALITY trance music today FAST & EASY, then click the link below and visit the Dubturbo 2.0 website where you can download, install, and start creating – TODAY!

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