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Do You Want to Create Studio Quality Tracks Online Without Having To Download Software?

Don’t waste your time and energy with those amateur level web based tools when you can use the best!

There is a ton of great music production software which you can download to your computer and install, but trying to find a high quality online beat maker that you can access through the internet can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily I’ve found what I think is the best site… I’ve had a blast using it, and I’ve been recommending it to my readers ever since!

Whether your style is hip hop, techno, dubstep, or house, this site is awesome for electronic beat production and the best part is that it’s all on the web. You can save your tracks and access them from anywhere in the world just by logging into your account and picking up exactly where you left off. It’s the first online music tool I’ve seen that truly measures up to software-based applications.

If you want the highest quality site, this is definitely it.

As a bonus you can also get a downloadable version so you can work on your tracks in offline mode if needed. You get access to both and how you use them is up to you!

What Site Do I Recommend?

I Recommend www.DubTurbo.com

You can create true studio quality music at Dubturbo.com because it’s the first REAL web-based beat production site. If you’ve tried any of the other sites out there then you’ll know that none of them really measure up… but Dubturbo changes all of that.

What You Get

  • Full virtual studio environment accessible via your internet browser
  • Online members area with video tutorials and lots of other goodies
  • Thousands of sounds, samples, drums, fx, and vocals
  • Save, Export, Import your own sounds, and upload to youtube easily!
  • Much much more!

Inside you’ll find a 16 track mixer with all the faders and knobs you need, a sick drum sequencing machine, and a tight little 4 octave sampling keyboard for creating melodies, bass lines, and fx.

Fully Compatible With: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, and Safari!

The best part is that the interface is very easy to use and learn. Even if you’ve never made a track before you can jump right in and be kicking out a serious drum loop within only a few minutes. It’s fast, powerful, and fun!

Screen Shots & Demo Video

Check out these screen shots, and a video that I posted below of Dubturbo in action. Many people find it amazing that even though this is completely online, it seems to be just as powerful and feature packed as an offline program. It definitely is and just looking at these images should help you to realize that this is no ordinary internet app.

If you click play on the video below you can see and hear what’s possible, notice the quality of the sound and the scale of the sequencing environment. All of the other sites I’ve used don’t allow you to add this many tracks or run that many patterns at one time. Why? Because they are cheaply made and haven’t had nearly as much development put into them. I’ll say it again this is the first true PRO music production site on the net.

Simply visit the official Dubturbo homepage to gain access one of the sickest beat makers around, and start creating your own tracks tonight. If you’ve never done this before then make sure you watch a few minutes of the tutorial videos if you are having difficulty, but you shouldn’t because honestly it’s very easy to use and you’ll be locked in before you know it.

Whether you want to get into this just for fun or you’re thinking of getting into music more seriously, just remember that the key to success is your creativity and your love of the beats! If you keep that attitude then nothing can stop you… EXCEPT… using a site that gets in the way and actually inhibits your ability to be as imaginative and creative as possible.

Choosing the right site could mean the difference between wasting your time, getting frustrated, and failing to create anything good… or having a ton of fun, learning while you go, and coming up with something that puts you on par with the pros!

If you’re ready to start producing tracks and making beats online via the web, and you want a site that’s going to give you the ability to be the best you possibly can, then click the link below and start today!