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How to Make Dubstep Beats

Dubstep Beat Production Made Easy

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This article will show you how to make dubstep beats, produce your own original tracks, which software to use, and suggest tips for being more creative!

If you’re simply looking to download Dubstep beat making software, just click the link below to check out our recommended software, otherwise keep reading!

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There are only 2 main points to cover and if you follow our advice you will be making your own dubstep on your home computer by the end of this article!

  1. The Distinctive Dubstep Pattern, How to Make it
  2. Which Dubstep Software do we Recommend?

First we’re going to go over the distinctive properties of a dubstep beat that make it different from other types of beats such as hip hop or techno. You’ll learn the rhythmic pattern, tempo, and sounds used to make a dubstep beat.

Second we will show you which dubstep beat making software we recommend and why this is the only tool you need to make sick, professional grade, studio quality dubstep beats – EVEN IF YOU HAVE ZERO EXPERIENCE – This software is simple and easy to use YET POWERFUL!

We guarantee that after reading this article you will be ready to produce your own professional dubstep beats and tracks!

1 – How to Make the Dubstep Beat Pattern

Dubstep is different from other beats like techno, hip hop, or jungle… You probably already instinctively know this without understanding how or why… so what makes it different?

There is ONE overriding characteristic that makes Dubstep, well, sound all Dubsteppy… and we’ll get into this main point in a moment, but first let’s talk about tempo.

Even though a dubstep beat sounds slow, it’s tempo is actually up in the 135 to 140 range, about the same if not faster than a Techno track. The reason the beat sounds slow is because the drums are laid out in what I like to call a “half time rhythm”.

What this means is that the way the beats are laid out actually makes the beat half the time of the tempo of the rest of the track. THIS is the one main distinctive feature of Dubstep. Think about those tracks that are really hot in the top 40 right now, the ones that break down to a Dubstep beat from a more normal upbeat techno or pop beat… What happens? It goes from a faster beat and then break down into a half time, slow (but powerful!) dubstep beat.

The rhythm pattern that makes this happen is the 1/3 kick snare pattern rather than a 1/2 & 3/4 kick snare pattern.

What does this mean?

Take a look at the image below to see a visual representation of what this means…

  • Example A is a typical pop or techno beat, notice that the kick falls on the 1 & 3, and the snares fall on the 2 & 4. If you cut the kick snare pattern in half you get the second example
  • Example B is a typical (and very basic) Dubstep beat pattern. Notice that there is only 1 kick and 1 snare in the same space that would typically hold 2 kicks and snares. This is what makes Dubstep seem to be slow, or half the tempo, but it is still actually the same tempo.

So now you should have a pretty basic understanding of what makes a Dubstep beat sound the way it does… It’s simply a normal beat but cut in half.

But Wait! There’s More… Tying It All Together!

Now that you understand the Dubstep beat, you can understand what truly gives Dubstep its distinctive sound!

The most important concept to grasp is that while the beat is cut in half, the rest of the sounds continue to occur at the high tempo. So for instance if your BPM is 140, your beat will sound as though it is 70 bpm, but the rest of the sounds in the track like the bass line, the percussion, and the lead line will all be occurring at 140 bpm rhythms and patterns!

THIS is what makes dubstep sound the way it does, it’s the juxtaposition of the slow heavy menacing beat with much faster sounds occurring all around it and propelling it forward with high energy.

This combination of a heavy slow pattern happening at the same time as a more energetic and upbeat accompaniment is what makes dubstep so interesting and cutting edge… It’s like 2 rhythmic structures happening at the same time!

If this all sounds confusing, don’t worry! Making Dubstep is easy when you have the right software…

With all this in mind, it’s time to start making your own Dubstep tracks! Keep reading to find out which Dubstep beat making software we recommend to our readers…

2 – Which Dubstep Beat Making Software?

Dubstep Software and Laptop

Choosing the right beat maker can save you a TON of time when it comes to mastering the learning curve of music production.

The wrong beat maker can eat up days or weeks of your time just figuring out how to make a basic beat and get the software to work the way you want it to.

That’s why we have always favored more user friendly music production software that allows both new and experienced beat makers to jump right in, LEARN THE SOFTWARE QUICKLY, and start making top quality beats RIGHT AWAY.

We’ve always said: “If a new beat maker can’t make a studio quality beat easily within the first few minutes of running the software, then we won’t recommend it…”

With today’s technology, advancements in usability, and increases in computing power… there’s no reason that anyone who wants to make their own professional sounding Dubstep beats should invest huge money or learning time into music production software.

You can make professional grade, studio quality Dubstep beats using your home computer starting tonight!

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And in our opinion, the only tool you need to get started is Dubturbo 2.0 – the hottest beat maker on the market right now that puts thousands of studio quality sounds and beats at your finger tips and allows you to start producing tracks instantly!!

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You can create sick dubstep tracks starting today, and begin your journey to becoming a real music producer and honing your skills and talents!

Imagine creating your own beats and tracks that you can export to mp3 and show off to your friends while you BUMP in your car, DJ it at the club, or upload it to youtube!

Sick Features in Dubturbo 2.0

  • Use your keyboard to play in sounds!
  • Drag and drop notes and beats.
  • 44.1 Studio Quality Sound!
  • Thousands of sounds and drums.
  • 16 tracks of stereo sound!
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You have to experience this software for yourself to see just how powerful and easy it is… Even if you have ZERO experience as a producer, you will be making HOT sounding beats within a few minutes…

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