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So you want to start making your own beats but aren’t totally sure how or where to get started? Getting your computer setup for beat making isn’t actually that hard, and this article is going to give you the perfect run down on everything you need to know.

We are going to help you understand the basics of how to make your own beats, how to ensure that your tracks sound PRO and not amateurish, provide you with illustrative pictures and videos, and show you exactly where to download the best beat making software.

This is the only resource you need for getting started with producing your own music and making your own beats. We wish we’d had an article like this to ‘show us the way’ when we were first getting started, things could have been so much easier!


  1. Expensive Music Studio?
  2. Basics of How to Make Your Own Beats
  3. The Keys to Sick Sounding Pro Beats
  4. Recommended Beat Making Software

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Expensive Music Studio?

One of the greatest things about todays technology is that new beat makers no longer need to setup a complete home recording studio ($$blingBLING$$) to make your own beats on your computer. Many people still fall into this trap, we like to call them “Gear-Heads” because they become totally obsessed with buying all the newest and greatest equipment and end up spending thousands of dollars setting up the most over the top music studio setup, when it is completely unnecessary with today’s technology!

It used to be that if you wanted to make your own hip hop or techno beats you’d have to buy a sampler, some studio quality speakers, a mixing board, and some expensive recording software to bring it all together. And that’s just the basics!!

But not anymore! Now, all of these functions can be packed into 1 piece of software that allows you to do everything right on your home computer, and it even sounds better than the old studio setups used to. We are truly in a golden age of technology and music.

Basics of How To Make Your Own Beats

This section is going to show you the basics of beat making so that you no longer have any confusion surrounding the question of how beats are made on the computer.

Take a few minutes to digest this material and you will have a firm understanding of exactly how beats are made, and you will be ready to take the next step and download and setup your own beat making software.

The 2 Basic Core Concepts: Samples & Sequencing

The two core concepts of beat production that you need to understand right off the bat are samples and sequencing. These are truly the fundamentals of beat production. But what are they?

  1. Samples are the sounds that you use to create the beats, they are the individual pieces, like puzzle pieces, that you fit together in order to make a beat pattern.
  2. Sequencing is the process that allows you to actually put the samples together into beats or patterns. It is typically a grid like layout that you drop samples onto and then arrange them using your mouse and keyboard.

How does it all fit together?

So now that you have a firm understanding of samples and sequencing, you may be asking yourself how does it all fit together? What does it look like in an actual beat making program? Let us show you…

For instance, take a look at the screenshot below of our favorite beat making software and you can see how samples and sequencing are integrated and laid out in the interface:

As you can see, the samples are placed down the left side of the screen, you can load these in individually and change which sample you want to have in each slot. You then trigger the sample by placing a block on the corresponding track on the sequencing grid. From left to right is the order and time that the blocks will be played in. The samples run from top to bottom.

Summary of the basics

Ok so now you have a firm foundation of understanding for making your own beats. You know what samples are, and you understand how they are put together into beats using a sequencer on your home computer.

But that doesn’t guarantee that you are going to make sick sounding beats, so read on to the next section and soak up our “Keys to Sick Sounding Pro Beats” which will help make sure your beats sound phat, right off the bat!

The Keys To Sick Sounding Pro Beats

This section is going to be very simple. Which doesn’t mean you should skip it, because the concepts are easy yet POWERFUL, and can save you the headache of wondering why you can’t get your beats to sound good.

1) Make sure you have good sound kits. Such a simple concept and we aren’t sure why we even have to tell people this. But we have seen time and time again people who are wondering why their beats don’t sound good, and yet they are using the crappiest, cheapest, lamest sounding samples! GET yourself some good sample kits, don’t try to work with weak sounding kits! The same beat pattern made with sick sounding samples can take a beat from sounding weak to sounding pro!

2) Copy what the pros are doing. So you like that new Eminem beat? Copy it. No, don’t steal it. But try to make the same pattern, try to use similar sounds, try to mimic what he is doing. This is one of the best ways to learn. Think about it: painters learn by painting other artists work. So why not listen to your favorite music and try to replicate it… If you want to sound like the pros then you need to try to sound like the pros! Simple hey?

3) Keep it simple. One of the most common pit falls of new beat makers is that they make things too complicated. They use too many sounds and make patterns that are too complex. It’s a common mistake in almost all of the arts. To hide lack of skill people make things more complicated. The true mark of great music is almost always its simplicity. Listen to Dr.Dre’s beats, they are so simple! So keep things simple right from the get go. Use a few sounds, keep your patterns simple, always try to keep this in mind!

That’s it for this section, those 3 keys should really help you out. You might even want to print this out and paste it up somewhere, or copy/paste it into a file on your desktop to review before you go into a beat making session.

Next we are going to show you the software that we recommend to our readers, we’ll show you a video, some pictures, and tell you why we recommend it so highly!

Which Software Should I Use To Create My Own Beats?

As a new beat maker it can be hard to find a beat making program that doesn’t take weeks or months to learn how to use. Which is why we recommended the Dubturbo beat making software to our readers. The great thing about it is that it runs perfectly on any home computer, and is easy to use even if you’ve never made your own beats before!

Download Dubturbo 2.0

If you have read the beat making basics that we outlined in this article then you are perfectly prepared to use this software for making your own beats. If you didn’t read everything, then don’t worry, the software is still very easy to use and once you download, install, and run it you will be able to figure it out pretty quickly.

* Our good friend DJ Mike P was kind enough to share his thoughts on this software, to read his Dubturbo review you can Click Here.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Recommend Dubturbo Software

  1. Easy to Use (Make Pro Beats FAST!)
  2. Sick Sample Kits Included (hip hop, rap, techno, and more!)
  3. Runs Perfectly On Any Computer
  4. 44.1 Studio Quality Sound
  5. Intuitive Production Interface

This software is perfect for new beat makers. Not like most over-the-top music production software out there, this one really helps you get straight to the beat making without the hassle. It allows you to skip the frustrating f*$@’ing around and get straight to creating sick ass sounding beats.

You will be making pro sounding beats FAST & EASY – Starting today!

Check out Dubturbo In Action:

Imagine, in 5 or 10 minutes from now you could be rocking out your very own original, sick sounding beats! The sample kits are hot, the software is hot, and your beats will be HOT.

Any genre you want to make, Dubturbo can do it. With its full fledged sequencer, top notch drum machine, and 4 octave sampling keyboard there is nothing you can’t do. Hip hop, dubstep, techno, jungle, breakbeats, you name it! You can do it!

There is a big reason why we recommend this software to our readers, and that’s because we use it ourselves, and we are 100% confident that it will help you to make your own sick sounding beats too!

So check it out, download your copy today and start making some killer beats on your computer and finally take those crazy beat ideas you have in your head and make them a reality!

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