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Easily The Best Drum Software on The Market!

  • Are you looking for the best drum software to help you make sick drum patterns, drum beats, and drum tracks on your pc or mac?
  • Do you want the best drum software that is also super easy to use and produces high quality, powerful sound?

When I first started searching for the best software to make drum beats I downloaded a ton of different programs and spent a few weeks trying them out until I finally found my favorite, and what I think is still the best drum software around.

One thing I found with other software for programming drums was that they were either way too simple and didn’t produce the studio quality sound I was looking for, or they were far too complicated and required a degree in astrophysics just to figure out how to sequence a drum pattern.

So when I found Dubturbo I was totally pumped, because Dubturbo software truly brings the best of both worlds! It’s easy even for a beginner to figure out -PLUS- it provides high quality professional grade studio level sound that will have you making great sounding drum patterns and tracks on your computer in no time at all.

Take my word for it, I’ve gone through a ton of apps, programs, and software packages for making music and drums and this one is by far the best drum software for beginners who want studio quality capabilities.

5 Reasons Dubturbo is The Best Drum Software

Anyone who wants to get started with creating their own drums on the computer is going to run into a few concerns that almost everyone has in common. I’ve decided to pre-empt those concerns by outlining 5 reasons why Dubturbo does such a great job with making drums and beats on the computer.

#5 – Top Notch Sound Kits are Included – With almost every other software I checked out, the samples and kits that were included with the program were nothing to be terribly excited about. This meant that I would have to either purchase additional sound kits and packs, or hunt the net looking for free samples to load in. Dubturbo on the other hand comes completely stuffed to the brim with 1000s of drum samples, fx, kits, instruments, and anything else you need. And the quality of these samples and sounds are AMAZING, especially considering that they come included with the software at no additional cost!

#4 – Instrumental Ability – Dubturbo isn’t just a drum maker, you can also load up instruments like synthesizers and pianos and sound fx and sequence out melodies and chords to go along with your drum patterns and sequences. This is perfect for those who are looking to not only make drum tracks but to sequence full songs!

#3 – Any Genre – With this software you really can make any style of music you are looking to make. Whether that be electronic, or pop, funk, or rock. The drum samples you need come included with the software. And If there’s something you can’t find you can always load in custom samples at will!

#2 – True Studio Grade Sound – One of the best features of Dubturbo is the quality of its sound output. There is no other comparable program in this segment of the market which matches up with the highly engineered and perfected sound quality that Dubturbo puts at your finger tips. Most other programs use mp3 samples, or low-end sample packs in their software. With Dubturbo you know you are getting true quality sound.

#1 – EASY – Many people are totally overwhelmed and intimidated by music production. And for those that just want to get started with using drum software and producing and sequencing their own drum tracks then you should know that Dubturbo is the perfect virtual software for drums that makes your introduction to audio production a breeze instead of a headache. This program has been designed with YOU in mind, and everything is extremely streamlined and intuitive. No messing about for hours on end trying to figure out how to trigger a drum sound, everything is VERY straight forward and simple.

Start Creating Drum Tracks Today!

So if you’re ready to download software and start creating your own drum sounds, then you should definitely check this out… You will be making your own music within minutes and laying out some stellar drum tracks!

Whether you have a mac or pc is of no concern, Dubturbo is compatible across the board, and as I’ve said, it is without a doubt the best drum machine software for new producers! So jump on it, unlock your creative mind, and start making music because it’s one of the greatest joys in life and there is no time like the present.

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