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Make Your Own Beats With Software for Mac Users

Are you an apple mac osx user? Do you want to produce beats on your mac computer? All you need to in order to make your own beats is the right software. I’ve used a ton of different tools designed for making beats and narrowed it down to what I think is the best program for those of you that have macs.

Having a mac is actually an awesome choice for anyone who wants to produce music from home. They are known as some of the most powerful media computers so count yourself lucky that you are starting off with one.

If you are totally new to producing your own music & tracks then my recommendation for you is to start with a tool that isn’t too complicated, because doing so can totally discourage you and you’ll end up spending hours or days just trying to get the most basic patterns and loops going. You are much better off to start with a tool that is easy to use but also powerful and can give you a high studio quality production standard.

Don’t go for an easy to use tool that doesn’t give you high quality sound. I see many new beat makers using tools that are either way too complicated, or way to simple and just don’t pump out great audio quality. Choose software for making your own beats that is both simple, easy to learn, AND can produce high quality beats and music. You deserve to have top level production and sound, even if you are a newbie 😛

Do I Need Synths, Mixers, and Hardware to Make Beats?

If you have the right software and a decent desktop computer or laptop then no you don’t need anything else to get started. You might eventually want to grow your studio setup by getting some proper studio monitor speakers (flat frequency response), a synth keyboard for playing in melodies, and maybe even some external hardware like a mixer or sampler. But for now all you really need to get started (and to make some killer tracks) is your mac computer and software.

Remember that some of the biggest tracks you hear on the radio, huge hip hop tracks, are made only using a laptop and some headphones. No joke. Todays technology is ridiculous. Anyone with a laptop can make sick ass beats. The most important thing is your creativity (something I have told people many times on this blog).

So if anyone tries to tell you otherwise or convince you that you NEED To buy all this external hardware, know that with your mac and some headphones you can make your own beats like a pro. The potential is definitely there.

How to Make Your Own Beats Like a Professional?

Expanding your musical skills and talents can be as simple as spending a weekend watching some videos on youtube or spending your lifetime studying music and production at a super high level.

Like anything else in life persistence is the key, and finding mentors and other artists to look up to is of the utmost importance…

You have to have the mindset where you are constantly trying to improve yourself in every direction related to your beat making. If you want to make your own beats like a professional then you need to treat this game like its your job, like its your passion, like your a mad scientist trying to split the atom or invent time travel.

This means…

  1. Learning as much as you can about music
  2. Learning to play instruments
  3. Studying audio engineering and music production
  4. Reading books to make you more intelligent and artistically sensitive
  5. Having a curious and open attitude towards life in general
  6. Listening to your favorite artists OBSESSIVELY and trying to learn from and mimic their work so you can become as good as them and eventually surpass them
  7. Working long hours even when you don’t feel like it
  8. Spending time doing the things you don’t necessarily enjoy (like practicing scales on a keyboard) so you can become better at what you do enjoy.
  9. Pushing yourself to achieve and grow every day of your life

You get the idea right? You need to take this seriously if you want to become a professional. It can’t just be about having fun, you have to WORK HARD.


Yes, hard work…

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have fun though. Balancing fun with hard work is of the utmost importance otherwise what are you doing? You got into this because you love to make your own beats right? So there is no need to punish yourself by only practicing or learning all the time. NO, you need to balance the hard work with the play. That mean s that 50% of your time should be spent working hard on things you don’t really want to be doing (learning music theory, learning production, etc.) and 50% should be spent on doing things you really enjoy (making beats, writing tracks, playing the keyboard, etc.)

I hope that helps you to take things to the next level if and when you are ready. Always remember that making beats isn’t just something that you do, you have to really make it your own and totally kill it in every way possible.

Good luck bros!

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