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Alex is a keen music aficionado who has written and published acclaimed opinion pieces on modern music genres such as techno, hip hop, rap and new age. He is a musician by training and has co-produced several records.

How Transitions Make Or Break A Song

Without a doubt transitions are a crucial part when it comes to laying down a new Electro song and this is why you should always focus on the energy you’re trying to implement when working on the build-up part specifically. The right transition will generate speed, intensity and pace to ‘the Drop’ and that’s besides setting up […]

Making House Beats for Electronic Music

The following tutorial illustrates an easy, but effective way to make your first house beats for electronic music. It will help you through the first steps in electronic music production and should also increase your curiosity towards experimenting with various other samples and effects to create your own unique style. So let’s get it started! […]

Creating a Wobbly Bass Effect

If you ever wondered what sort of bassline it’s heard so frequently in a wide range of electronic music, such as dubstep, house or drum and bass, the following article has the answer: it is a sort of wobbly bass effect. Moreover, if you want to recreate the effect for your own tunes this tutorial […]

Adding Some Swing To Your Patterns

Ever finished up a 8 bar loop or a 16 bar loop and got excited that you might be on to something but after you play it a few times the ‘charm’ simply goes away? Or maybe you play it the second day, forget the mixing you had in mind to set up for your […]

Creating a Bell Sound With 3Xosc

The following article will show you an uncomplicated and quick way to create a summery bell sound with the 3xOsc. This should be easy to understand and put into practice even for beginners in music production and the result is extremely popular and widely used in ambient music. Basically, we are going to use a […]

How To Create Computerized Vocals Without A Vocalist

The influence of technology is getting more and more popular with the passing of time, hence we can agree that we are living in the middle of a digital age. And the example which best represent our times are robots. From movies and sci-fi literature to music, they have become a permanent source of inspiration […]

Easy Beat Maker Online – Mixing For EDM (Part 1)

Electronic Dance Music managed to own pretty much the whole industry in the last few years so I’m sure each and everyone of you took a show at making a EDM song just to test new grounds and be in touch with the current state of music. From Skrillex to Diplo and Deadmau5 (plus others […]

Handling Your Lead Synth, Pads & Sound Effects When Mixing EDM

After we found out how to handle the drums section and the Bass line when mixing Electronic music we’re going to break down the rest of the track up next so let’s see what we can do to improve when making the beat. Even if the drums and the Bass line take a leading role […]

Hitting The Key Points When Mixing EDM (Part 2)

After breaking down the drum section in the first part of our editorial we thought the next big thing in mixing EDM would be the Bass line. As you probably know by now the Bass is what adds the most power in a song so messing this section up is equal to disaster when you’re […]

Hitting The Key Points When Mixing EDM (Part 1)

Even if it’s a must do after developing a brand new track, mixing isn’t something you can learn over night when making beats. You can be an active producer for several years and still have new things to learn because this stage is always developing new techniques to make tracks sound more powerful and genuine. […]