Home Beat Making Tutorials Easy Beat Maker Online – Mixing For EDM (Part 1)
Easy Beat Maker Online – Mixing For EDM (Part 1)

Easy Beat Maker Online – Mixing For EDM (Part 1)

Electronic Dance Music managed to own pretty much the whole industry in the last few years so I’m sure each and everyone of you took a show at making a EDM song just to test new grounds and be in touch with the current state of music.

From Skrillex to Diplo and Deadmau5 (plus others known for making techno music) everyone did so and the feedback was quite impressive with the first two forming even a band to later on release some official EDM materials. This being said we’re going to break down some additional mixing techniques today so pay attention if you’re still ‘ridding the wave’.

After finding an easy beat maker online or use your own one, first technique you should approach once the song is done and ready for mixing is the volume levels between different sounds in balance. What most people usually do when they are caught in the middle of the creative process is mix all the instruments of the tune when making techno music and try to stabilize the volume levels between them. This works okay in most cases, but there is a slightly different approach which takes into consideration the human hearing system and might facilitate your job.

After a long session of making techno music or just a random “work-out” with your east beat maker online, your brain gets tired and your hearing might become dull. At this point it is effective to stop the work and take a break in order to let your ears rest a bit and sharpen your audition. When you feel ready, return to your tune and set all the instruments to silent, except the kick drum, which should be set to 0.0 dB and play the mix with this setting, adjusting the volume levels of your headphones until the sound is clear.

After you’ve done this, continue with the other percussion sounds but be careful when you increase the volume levels: you should hear all the sounds clearly while maintaining the kick drum the backbone of the tune. The trick to obtain a satisfying result while making techno music is to listen to the percussion sounds against the kick and try to set them to a level where they complete your kick instead of concealing it.

This can be implemented while playing along with your usual east beat maker online or actually when you’re doing the real deal and recording a track that you plan on promoting. Beat with us as we get more deep in the part two of our tutorial.

Alex Moruz Alex is a keen music aficionado who has written and published acclaimed opinion pieces on modern music genres such as techno, hip hop, rap and new age. He is a musician by training and has co-produced several records.