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3 Ways To Get the Most Out Of Your Dubstep Beat Maker Software

3 Ways To Get the Most Out Of Your Dubstep Beat Maker Software

If you are just getting started with dubstep production and you want to know what we think is the absolute best dubstep maker software is then you should know that we have 2 great programs that we typically encourage our readers to check out.

The first is a really solid little piece of software that has been specially designed as a great all around electronic music studio and beat maker. It’s great for making dubstep and they recently released a special pack of samples specifically for making dubstep. To learn more and see this dubstep maker click here.

There is a second lesser known piece of dubstep software that has just come out and it has turned out to be a real sleeper in the music production industry. Not many people know about it, which very strange considering the fact that it has been specially designed as an exclusive dubstep production solution. It’s known as Wobbleboss and it’s AWESOME. If you haven’t seen it before then definitely check it out.

One of the best features of wobbleboss is that i comes with some absolutey sick sample packs that will ensure anyone who picks up this tool will be making pro quality dubstep tracks and music in no time.

So now on to the top 5 ways to get the most out of your dubstep beat maker software….

1. Always Load Dubstep Specific Samples Into Your Audio Program

The first piece of advice is perhaps one of the most obvious and yet overlooked pieces of advice that needs to be given out to people just getting started with making dubstep. Take the time to get together a GOOD sample bank full of dustep sounds.

Some others programs like wobbleboss also come totally jam packed with dubstep samples so you would have no problems there, but if you are using a program like ableton or reason, these programs don’t necessarily come with dubstep sounds, fx, and samples so make sure you find yourself some kits and stock up on those juicy bass nectar sounds, snappy snares, and hard kicks.

Once you have the right sounds you are 75% of the way to creating pro quality, TRUE Dubstep tracks.

2. Create your Beats first and your Bass Second

I think it’s really important to create your beat before you create your bass line. This allows you to set the foundation for the low bass frequency and to play off the rhythm of your beat.

Doing it the other way around can be really difficult. If you want to find this out for yourself then just make a bass line first and then create the beat over top. It’s a lot more difficult because bass lines don’t tend to be as solid or tangible as a beat. It’s too fluid. And funny enough this can actually end up making your beat less robust than it could be.

Stick to creating your beat first, do some changeups, bang it in to your metronome or counter, and THEN add the bass line idea over top. Once you have a basic bassline going over top you can start to do some changeups and stutters in the beat.

It will be much easier this way!

3. Tweak Your Software Specifically for Dubstep Making

You can also take the extra time to prepare your software and prime it for making dubstep. This means going in and setting up all you delays and reverb and buses and FX so that you have a plethora of knobs and gadgets to twist and turn that are all geared towards the dubstep style.

This prevents you from tweaking options, plugins, or FX units every time you are working on a new track.

Create some presets, get a good settings file done up, and you will be ready to rock out every time you fire up your software.

So keep these 3 tips in mind and you’ll be much more likely to succeed when seeking to make what can often be an elusive pro quality dubstep sound.

Many beat makers can get frustrated when trying to master this style. They hear tracks from guys like skrillex and they wonder what the heck he does to sound so good. The key is to work at it little by little and learn little tips and theories that all of the dubstep music producers are using. Use sites like youtube and find tutorials on making dubstep and just slowly build your audio setup around dubstep production techniques.

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