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Where to Get Pro Dubstep Making Software for Home?

Are you looking for a professional dubstep maker for home? Do you want dubstep software that allows you to make sick bass lines and hard hitting snares just like Rusko, Skrillex, and Benga? One of the biggest requests I get from visitors to this site is for advice on what software they should be using if they want to produce professional sounding dubstep. Should they get a cheap dubstep maker, or go all out and spend hundreds of dollars on a top of the line dubstep maker?

The great news is that this style of music has totally blown up in the last few years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, whic means that you have a wide variety of software, hardware, plugins, VSTs, and tools to choose from if you want to get down to making your own dubstep tracks and beats.

Not only that but there is a huge selection of loops and samples that can ensure your dubstep beats, basses, and snares are right on the money and sound just as good as any pro studio or producer on the block.

2 of my all time favorite programs for making dubstep are wobbleboss and dubturbo. Wobbleboss is an awesome dubstep maker for more experienced producers or those who are looking for a more advanced setup, whereas Dubturbo makes a great beginners program for new beat makers looking to make dubstep for the first time.

My recommendation is that you try them both out, because you never know where you will fit in until you try, and sometimes even new artists can have much more skill at the computer than they first realize.

3 Dubstep Maker Must Have Features

There are 5 features that any good dubstep maker software MUST have, in my humble opinion. To not have one of these features means you may as well just be using any old generic beat maker or music production tool. So keep these points in mind when choosing what tool you want to use for making dubstep and you will be well on your way to producing like a pro.

  1. Dubstep samples and sound kits ready to go – This means that the included sound and audio library needs to be packed to the rim with tons of beats, basses, synthesizers, fx, vocals, and lead lines that are designed specifically for making this style of music. If your program doesn’t have the right sounds then you will either struggle to get the right “dubstep sound” or you will have to buy more kits and packs and spend all that extra money.
  2. Integration and Expansion Capabilities – This means that you should be able to expand your studio as your experience and capabilities grow. The better you get at producing music the more tools and equipment you will probably want to use. So the tool you choose now has to be able to fit in with other tools and become a piece of the puzzle of your larger setup. Luckily both of the programs I mentioned come in VST versions for both PC and MAC so you can easily integrate them with bigger setups in the future!
  3. Streamlined for Creativity as a Priority – Creativity is the most important then when making any style of music and dubstep is no different. If you want to be a true dubstep maker then you need to gain the head-space as a serious producer, and this means putting creativity and imagination first. So the tools and software you use for making dubstep need to be designed for creativity first and technological wizardry second. Any tool that is too complicated and takes forever to figure out is a waste of time, and it doesn’t make you better producer. Toss it.

So there you have it, my recommendations for what you need to look for when choosing a dubstep maker for producing your own dubstep at home. You can turn any computer into your own virtual studio if you know what tools to get, and I hope this article has made that easier for you. Whatever you do, remember to keep your passion for Dubstep alive, it’s one of the sickest most amazing styles of music I’ve ever heard and you should pursue it with everything you’ve got! Who know, maybe you can even become Pro!

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