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All About Hip Hop Audio Production

Are you interested in learning to produce your own hip hop beats and tracks? It’s actually not as hard or as complicated as most people think, all you need is an audio production program, a computer, and a will to succeed.

If you apply yourself, and most importantly remember to have fun and be creative, you can become a good producer rather quickly. Before you know it you’ll be bumpin’ your own sick hip hop beats and showing people what you’re capable of!

The key is to find the right program for hip hop music production that allows you to really express yourself and let loose creatively. Unfortunately a lot of programs out there will bog you down with months of learning and struggle but there is some great easy to use software if you look carefully and choose right.

Recording Hip Hop Beats On Your Computer

So the first step is to get your computer set up for producing music. You’re going to need a desktop computer or laptop, a pair of speakers or headphones, and some audio production software.

Many people think that if you want to make hip hop then you have to go out and learn a really complicated program like Logic Audio or Pro Tools, but you don’t have to, because there is some really great easy to use software that can help new beat makers make professional sounding hip hop beats quickly and easily.

A good friend of mine who is a rapper recently wanted to start creating his own tracks. This guy has really upped his game lately, so it was no surprise when he said he wanted to take things even further and actually start sequencing his own beats and producing his own tracks.

He looked around online for a few nights and told me he was a bit put off by all of the programs people were recommending to him. At that point I just basically said “look man, music production is simple, you have a sequencer and you just lay out your beats” … He just needed a simpler solution that would allow him to do what he does best, which is to be creative with hip hop!

That’s when I told him about Dubturbo, which is a perfect and simple tool for new beat makers who want to make pro quality hip hop. You can read a review of Dubturbo here. Check It out and I’m sure you will agree that there isn’t a better tool on the market for people who want to bust in to hip hop production in a big way.

Think Like A Hip Hop Producer

You also need to learn to think like a true hip hop producer. It isn’t enough to just have the tool and start messing around. Although that is great for getting your ideas flowing and learning the software, you also need to take a more deliberate approach to music making.

What does this mean? It means that you start listening to hip hop in a whole new way. You dig out your favorite tracks, or that beat that is super hot at the top of the charts right now, and you REALLY LISTEN. You listen carefully and try to see how the producer is doing what he’s doing in the track.

Then you try to replicate that in your own track. Listen to how he produces the hip hop beats, the keyboards, the vocals, and then take that observation and try to apply it to your own music.

Marketing Your Hip Hop Music Online

When you’re ready to market yourself and show your hip hop music to the world then there are a variety of ways you can spread the word and have people listen to your music online. Many people are actually afraid to share their beats and tracks with others, but I encourage everyone to go ahead and put their stuff out there, it really helps to get creative feedback from others.

  • Youtube
  • Soundclick
  • MixCloud
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

When you think about it, there is an almost endless variety of websites for sharing your original hip hop tracks and beats with those around the world. You could also join music forums, audio production communities, and even network with other music producers and rappers on social networks like twitter.

Best of luck to you and never give up on your dreams of becoming a hip hop producer!

Alex Moruz Alex is a keen music aficionado who has written and published acclaimed opinion pieces on modern music genres such as techno, hip hop, rap and new age. He is a musician by training and has co-produced several records.