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I'm a music producer and DJ who has a passion for art, music, and technology. I enjoy teaching people about music production, beat making software, technology, and techniques.

Make Music With Computer And Level Up Your Career

Technological advancements continue to evolve over time, greatly changing the landscapes of many industries. This includes the music production industry, which saw a tremendous change as technology advances. Many aspiring music artists were able to quickly advance their career in music with several obstacles effectively reduced by evolving technology. In the past, aspiring musicians have […]

Helpful Tips on Choosing the Best Studio Quality Dubstep Maker

There are now a couple of different brands of dubstep beat maker today that sometimes it is becoming quite confusing to choose which dubstep making software to use. But given the right knowledge and sufficient awareness of what functionalities and essential features that you need, it will not be hard to find the perfect program […]

How to Write and Make Music with PC

If you are aspiring to be a music artist then you can realize your dream sooner than expected. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on musical instruments and equipment to produce your own audio tracks. If this is one of the things that hinder you from making music then this obstacle is […]

7 Tips On Creating Awesome Techno Music

Techno is a genre of its own despite its relative resemblance to electronic dance music. This is a form of futuristic approach to dance music blended with fictional themes. Techno is also an infusion of other genres like digital hardcore, Eurodance, trance, techstep, techstyle, kurduro, dub techno, and electroclash, just to name a few. Today, […]

Hip Hop Music Made Easy

Hip hop music is also popularly known as rap music. This exemplifies a stylish music rhythm, which is a combination of chanting, rhythmic rhyming, and rapping. This genre of music was formed and a part of the hip hop culture Hip hop is a relatively broad artistic conglomerate that is mainly characterized by an infusion […]

Easy Steps On How To Make Trance Music

Trance is a new genre of music that was recently introduced first in Germany during the early nineties. This is generally characterized by dance and electronic mix with a tempo of around 110 to 150 beats per minute. Another unique characteristic of trance is its repetitive nature. Most of the time, the beats have seamless […]

Tips On Making Your Own Beats

Making your own beats may sound very exciting yet it is relatively challenging, as well. Proper timing is important since you need to follow the style of rhythm. However, if you play along with the music, you will quickly observe the tempo of the song, and this makes beats-making easier. In the past, creating beats […]

Create Your Own House Music For The Party

It’s hard to imagine a party without house music. It would be a big disappointment to your guests. While there are many alternatives today in entertaining your house guests, nothing compares to the extent music adds life to the party. So the next time you are throwing a party in the house make sure you […]