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Helpful Tips on Choosing the Best Studio Quality Dubstep Maker

Helpful Tips on Choosing the Best Studio Quality Dubstep Maker

studio quality dubstep makerThere are now a couple of different brands of dubstep beat maker today that sometimes it is becoming quite confusing to choose which dubstep making software to use. But given the right knowledge and sufficient awareness of what functionalities and essential features that you need, it will not be hard to find the perfect program that suits well to your taste and needs.

But first of all, it is important to note that what you are looking for is a more specific type of beats maker, and not just any software that lets you create music at the tip of your fingertips using your computer. In this case, your search is refined to dubstep, a music genre that is typical of electronic dance music. By carefully understanding the fundamentals and the main characteristics of this genre, you will be able to determine what features to look for based on the required instruments and programs to create dubstep beats.

What is Dubstep Music?

This genre is a resonance of electronic dance that normally requires sequencers, turntables, and samplers. Some people treat dubstep as a sub-category of electronic dance music. Either way, the typical instruments used to make dubstep beats are keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, and of course, a computer with a high-quality sound system.

Dubstep Characteristics

The overall sound of dubstep music is said to be tightly coiled. It usually has a reverberant drum patterns along with overpowering bass lines. Occasional vocals are sometimes inserted and clipped samples are mixed to create unique musical pieces.

The rhythms of dubstep are normally syncopated; in some instances, they are shuffled. The tempo ranges from 138 to 145 beats per minute, with snares inserted once in every 3rd beat. You can experiment with it by adding tribal drum samples, as well.

Another fundamental of this genre is the wobble bass. Thus, make sure that your dubstep maker has features that let you build wubwubs and lowends. To do this, you need ADSR racks to tweak your wubbs, as well as oscillators that allow you to fine tune and change the octaves.

Other characteristics of this genre are the structure, the rewinds, the bass drops, and the MCs. The structure has similitude to other music genres aside from electronic dance, such as drums and bass. This is normally the opening beats or the introduction of the piece.

Rewinds are also an essential element. Dubstep is customarily inserted with spin backs, made popular by several well-known DJs. Sometimes, spin backs are made live during the recording without lifting the stylus to create unique sounds. There are also software that lets you do this on your computer. One of them is the DUBturbo Dubstep making software.

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How to Choose the Best Software for Making Dubstep Beats?

Equipped with sufficient knowledge on the basics of dubstep, you are ready to shop for the best brand, taking into consideration the essential features. You can start at different starting points like price, features, package, and mode of payment, to name some.

If price is not an issue, then the ideal starting point is the product features. Here are some of the vital features to look for.

Drum Machine or Drum Kits

Since dubstep requires loads of drum beats, then the software should have an outstanding drum machine. DUBturbo has one with 10 pads per kit. On top of that, there are more than 40 drum kits to choose from. This is enough to provide you better flexibility to perfect your mix. Moreover, the software is packed with stereo imaging so that your beats will sound full. You can further export either the full track or just the drums, depending on your choice.

Octave Keyboard

Also an essential component is the octave keyboard. Again, this is a part of the main features of DUBturbo, which has 4 octave keyboards. This will allow you to bend and flex samples. You will also get different samples produced using varied instruments like piano, sax, bells, and drums.


It’s hard to imagine a pro beats making program without a sequencer that lets you maneuver around your piece. This feature will let you edit volumes, save and edit, mute, or emphasize instruments. You can also jog through various drums and sounds and lets you draw-in or build bars.


Music makers are typically complex with tens to hundreds of controls, levers, and buttons. It is important to know the functions of each button. To do this, you need to have someone knowledgeable about the program to point to you what buttons to adjust when creating beats. You can learn how to use the program via video tutorials provided for as part of the package. But not all software has video tutorials, so this is one thing that you may need to check. DUBturbo has video tutorial package that will teach you not only on how to use the software but also on how to make beats.

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Quick FAQs

What is the ideal software to edit beats for dubstep

One of the keys to creating beats for dubstep is editing. Making a dubstep piece without edits is close to impossible. The edits allow you to enhance your beats, insert beats and samples, adjust the noise levels, and so on. That is why it is important to check the edit capability of the beats making program that you are going to buy.

Should you consider using free beat making programs?

For amateurs, yes; but if you want to be a pro someday then the answer is, not a chance. If you want to create world-class quality music that will surely make it to the dance floors then you need to use a reliable program. While there are a few free programs for beats making, they normally have limited features and access to the advanced features will still require a purchase to enjoy the full benefits of the software.

Making music requires full access to loads of features for utmost flexibility. On top of that, it also helps to have an expansive collection of samples. The more samples that you have the better will be the quality of your music since you are able to change different selections among the thousands of samples in your collection. Free music making programs don’t have such extensive selections to offer, thereby limiting your choices to only a few.

In any case, choosing the best program for beats making with studio-quality sounds may be relatively challenging for some. But equipped with the basic information shared here, you can quickly find the ideal brand that fits your needs.

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