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Hip Hop Music Made Easy

Hip Hop Music Made Easy

make hip hop beatsHip hop music is also popularly known as rap music. This exemplifies a stylish music rhythm, which is a combination of chanting, rhythmic rhyming, and rapping. This genre of music was formed and a part of the hip hop culture

Hip hop is a relatively broad artistic conglomerate that is mainly characterized by an infusion of various unique elements; each reflecting a specific culture and style like graffiti arts, breaking, DJing, and rap music. While these elements have conflicting methods of implementation, they converge on common association against a culture, politics, violence, or poverty.

Hip hop music is mainly associated with rap music. But it can be created without rap music. It can consist of purely instrumental tracks with some beatboxing, scratching, and DJing.

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How to Create My Own Hip Hop Beats

If you want to make hip hop beats, you need to have deep genuine love for this genre. Devoid of interests, it’s going to be a tough ride ahead, and your works will hardly compete with the quality of those made by hip hop lovers. Aside from that, it is also important to have interests in various musical instruments like drums, acoustic or electric guitar, and piano. But drums are among the widely used instruments here, followed by electric guitar.

This leads us to the next step, which is determining what musical instruments to use. Obviously you will need drums, so start by learning how to create rap drum beats. While this may sound like easy, creating the drum beats can be challenging and sometimes difficult. There are patterns that you have to follow. This is the foundation of your song, and it provides a structure for your musical piece.

Two Types of Drum Beats

Generally, there are two different drum patterns used to create the drum beats for rap music. They are the simple patterns and the complex patterns. The simple pattern is the common type, which you can quickly create practically anywhere and anytime. That is why this is also referred to as the lunchroom beat because you can easily create one even while taking your lunch. Simple tapping of your feet or banging/clapping of your hands in rhythmic patterns that repeat every 6, 8, 32, or 64 steps can already create the simple pattern beats.

The complex patterns, on the other hand, are more complicated because of the intricate structure of the beats that already includes delays, drops, mutes, and other effects to amplify the track.

Aside from the drum patterns, it is likewise vital to know the different drum samples. There are actually several types of drum samples such as the tamboras drums, the congas drums, the bongos drums, and the ethnic drums, among others. Mixing various drum samples will further make your piece unique on top of adding flavor to your song.

You can get or download a beat making software that already includes a good collection of drum samples. One good brand is DUBturbo, which has more than 1900 samples that include drum samples. This is also equipped with 10-pad drum machine that lets you create grids with ease. You can quickly record your beats with triggers and edit the volume of each pad, as well. All drums were fully mastered to create awesome quality drum beats. With DUBturbo, you can make studio quality music.

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Tips on Making Hip Hop Beats

Creating the rap beats, as earlier mentioned, is quite complex; there are many things that you need to understand. This includes the instrumental loops, the bass lines, the effects, the beat structure, mastering the track, and the tight sounds.

Various genres use unique beats structure and rules. Oftentimes, rap music is played in 16th notes with closed hi-hats for on-beats. For off-beats, open hats are used. They normally have syncopated kicks, as well.

The Instrumental Loops

If you want people to fully appreciate your beat, it is best to use loops and drum kits to make an awesome quality sound. DUBturbo beat making software has drum kits that let you do this. There are more than 40 kits to choose from, with 10 pads per kit. You can also import your own samples. With the 10-pad drum machine feature, you can easily change your kit selection and move the sounds around.

To create an effective loop, use various instruments and synthesized sounds. You must also decide the level of emotion that you want to create to your listeners, and build around that emotion when creating the loops using a combination of different instruments like cymbals, drums, guitar, or piano. You can also use ethnic instruments and synths.

The Bass Line

The bass line is another factor that can greatly affect the quality of your beats. This is used to augment the uniqueness of the loop. It should not just hang around in the background but its subtleness must further add flavor to the song.

The Sound Effects

When the basics are done, you can add spices to your beats by inserting a couple of sound effects. You can boost some kicks, or reduce the noise of the claps; do as you please and squeeze out your creativity and artistic instincts for as long as the effects are used in moderation so as not to distort the track.

Mastering the Track

Afterwards, you can then master the track by assessing the noise level of your beats. Make sure that the main melody is still dominant while the beats are played in the background loud enough to be heard.

The key to developing your own hip hop musical piece is originality. If your piece is just the same as the other pieces, no one will bother listening to it, or it will be confused with the other pieces. So make sure that your rap music truly sets itself apart from the pack. Develop your own style that is present in every piece that you make in order to create your own image as a hip hop music producer.

Equally important is quality. Don’t just any beats maker that lets you create rhythmic sounds and heart-pounding beats. Choose the best software like DUBturbo and your hip hop music will be dubbed as one of the best in this genre.

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