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7 Tips On Creating Awesome Techno Music

make techno musicTechno is a genre of its own despite its relative resemblance to electronic dance music. This is a form of futuristic approach to dance music blended with fictional themes. Techno is also an infusion of other genres like digital hardcore, Eurodance, trance, techstep, techstyle, kurduro, dub techno, and electroclash, just to name a few. Today, there are now many types of subgenres that exist, and among the popular ones are as follows:

Subgenres of Techno Music

Acid Techno

Acid techno takes its roots from industrial, techno, and acid house. This subgenre was developed in the late eighties and originated in Chicago, USA. The term ‘acid’ is used to refer to the sounds made by synthesizers, particularly the Roland TB-303. Creating an acid techno involves a lot of tweaking by regularly manipulating the controls during the actual production. The controls are normally set to extreme levels, either too loud or less noise.

Tech House

This is a mixture of house music and some elements of techno. This subgenre normally has steely beats with rugged basslines mixed with grooves of progressive house and symphonic harmonies. But the main musical structure is house, except that some sound elements are replaced. This includes, among others, faster hi-hats, distorted and oftentimes darker kicks, flourishing kick drums, and noisier snares.

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Minimal Techno

As the term implies, this is a minimalist form of techno where the aesthetics are stripped down. So basically the raw sounds are emphasized and the main focus could be solely drums with funky grooves and basslines. On the average, 125 to 130 beats per minute are used to create a minimal techno track. Compared to minimalist house, techno emphasizes more the middle frequencies instead of the deep basses.

While there is no clear specific style, some well-known minimalist techno producers like Philip Sherburne suggested that this genre should have two approaches; they are the massification approach and the skeletalism style.

In the former, little variations are given on the sonic elements while the sounds are progressively layered. In the latter, only the core elements are used. While other embellishments can be mixed, they are done so to create variation. In any case, the heart of this style is repetition with little inspirations from scientific, mathematical, and clinical descriptions.

Ambient Techno

This is also known as the intelligent dance music or IDM. Instead of complying with the specific characteristics of the genre, IDM is founded on experimentation of individual styles. For some producers, they infuse housed music to create ambient techno, which led to the formation of ambient house.

Techno Beats Making Software

To make your own music under the techno genre, you can either purchase those pricey musical instruments and synthesizing devices. This will require large investments from your end. Even if money is not an issue for you, operating those synthesizers with numerous buttons will further require days to weeks of training to learn how to use the devices.

But fortunately, there is a more economical and practical approach that requires only a computer installed with beats making software like DUBturbo, with optional upgrade on your speaker system in order to fully appreciate the beats that you are going to make.

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Tips on How to Make My Own Techno Beats

Even if you already own a program like DUBturbo beats making software, it is important to learn some tips on how to make techno beats. Here they go:

Tip # 1

This genre demands better understanding of the core elements, especially the dynamics and the reverbs. Therefore, carefully understand the functions and the effects of your music maker software in order to maximize the use of different elements.

Tip #2

If you want your track to hit the dance floor of a popular club, make sure that your beats and elements are not messy on the rig. Listen to your track for a couple of times and fade or delete some parts. If you are going for minimal techno, then make it simple and devoid of complexity by using only the core elements. Remember, for this subgenre less is more.

Tip #3

Evolve the effects by regularly modifying the delays and reverbs. You can also automate the reverb size and send it on the percussion tracks, occasionally, to provide a series of reverb splashes at critical points. Alternately, you can automate the delay times and the feedback slider to create rapid slapback delays on the melodic hook.

Tip #4

One of the keys to creating nice techno sounds is the effective and proper use of syncopation. You can shift your open hat to feel the best rhythms for your track or you may also drastically change the percussions by moving the elements backward or forward.

Tip #5

Keep your kicks deep and well-balanced. They should blend well with your main kick drums for seamless sound effects. Keep the boom of the kick and not the snap by adding a volume envelope while the attack is turned up, and then modify the decay to achieve the perfect length. To create wobbly sound, insert a pitch envelope with the shift slight up or slightly down to your sample.

Tip #6

If you want to make nice rhythmic textures then increase your reverb unit’s pre-delays. Short reverbs are ideally used for optimum impact, while ambient effects can be achieved with longer times.

Tip #7

The quality of your music is greatly affected by the type of beats making software you are using. Therefore, go for the best like DUBturbo and you can also expect to produce the best and powerful techno soundtracks that will definitely wow your listeners.

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