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Create Your Own House Music For The Party

house musicIt’s hard to imagine a party without house music. It would be a big disappointment to your guests.

While there are many alternatives today in entertaining your house guests, nothing compares to the extent music adds life to the party. So the next time you are throwing a party in the house make sure you have a couple of live music to play.

However, having music still does not provide complete entertainment to all your visitors. You need to have the right music for the type of audiences that you have. Although different age groups have different music genre preferences, there are genres that catch the interests of all.

Obviously, one of them is the dance music. It’s all about dancing that keeps the party alive. It is for this reason why parties are normally associated with dancing. So make sure that you have an arsenal of dance songs on your track.

But what if you can make your own house music that is perfectly suited to the type of guests that you are planning to have. Wouldn’t that be nice, right? It would definitely make the day of majority of your party guests. It can also help make your special event an affair worth remembering down the memory lane.

So why not venture into creating your own music for the house. It’s definitely worth a try. On top of that, you will also get the excitement of bringing your very own music creation right in front of your circle of friends, and to your relatives as well. It will certainly wow your audiences as you give them full entertainment from your creative artworks.

Music comes in various genres. Among the popular ones are disco, jazz, hip hop, electronic, classical, R&B, and rock music. In early 1980’s, house music was added under the electronic genre. This type of music was first popularized in a humble town of Chicago.

This genre is similar to dance music but it has unique characteristics that set it apart from dance. It has 4/4 beats from different drum machines and mixed with synthesized basslines and offbeat cymbals. Sometimes it is categorized under the electronic genre because each song is more electronic with repetitive rhythm. Nonetheless, this is one of the music that you can create on your own and bring to the party to add life to the event.

Compose your own music for the party – Can it be done?

Perhaps one of the main reasons why many people shy away from creating their own music is due to several obstacles that include high costs of musical instruments and recording devices. Piano keyboards, drums, guitars, audio interface, studio monitors, and multi-track recorders; these are just a few of the many other instruments used by recording companies to create wholesome high-quality sounds.

These devices neither come in pennies nor in hundreds of dollars. They will cost you thousands of bucks altogether to create a perfect house mix. The high cost of musical instruments today led many people to shut their mind out from video and sound recording.

Fortunately, that was a thing of the past. Welcome to the future. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create your very own music for the house. No, you don’t even have to spend a hundred bucks, and you don’t even need to have a studio to produce your own recording. For just minimal investment that will not cost you more than $50, you can get an awesome software that lets you create your own music like a pro. One of them is DubTurbo.

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How to make studio quality music with DubTurbo

drum software boxWith this software, music making becomes easier. This is a downloadable program that requires installation on your computer or laptop. Once installed, it shall be the start of your music composing and recording career. This software is fully equipped with loads of fantastic features that let you create songs from scratch, even if you are devoid of the needed skills.

Some of the exciting features of DubTurbo are the Samploid that lets you make your own romplers, the Norbox that makes mastering and audio effects easier, the Wubwub that lets you create wub wubs and bass, and the Preamp that gives you ultimate flexibility in creating gritty yet unique distortions.

On top of that, it is pre-loaded with more than 1,900 custom samples covering various genre of music. You can let your creativity soar high by mixing different music samples. You can combine hip hop with rock, or mix techno with ethnic; anything goes as long as they are in harmony.

It is just like having several musical instruments

With DubTurbo, you will feel like you own several musical instruments even if you don’t actually own a real one. The software lets you play drums using the 10-pad drum kit. All these drums were expertly crafted to produce awesome quality drum beats that mimic the sounds of real drums. You can also move the sounds around, edit the volume of each pad, or erase some.

Aside from drums, you will also have 4 full octave keyboards that let you play piano music as if you have a real piano in the house. You can quickly draw melodies or create a record with keyboards. Changing different musical instruments is quick, as well, and you can easily mix different musical instruments.

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Don’t know how to create my own music?

Nothing should stop you from making music, even if the one obstacle is lack of knowledge. You don’t need to learn first how to play different musical instruments. You don’t even have to enroll to a music school just to get the needed education.

Dubturbo is not just a product. It is a fully packaged program that comes with video tutorials and loads of guides. If you don’t like to read pages of information to acquire the skills, just watch the video tutorials that guide you every step of the way on how to make music beats using the software.

So what are you waiting for? Grab DubTurbo now and start composing house music for your upcoming party.

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