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How To Create A Deep House Chord Stab

How To Create A Deep House Chord Stab

>Deep House managed to make quite a stand in the music industry so today we’re going to show you how to create a Deep House Chord Stab, similar to a signature sound for this gender.

After seeing that most Electronic Dance Music producers made a smooth slide to Deep House you might want to pay attention as this gender could have a major breakthrough for the upcoming year. Let’s see how this goes and what exactly do we need to make this type of sound. Press play!

First off you need a Synth to build your sample on and if you’re a FL studio user go ahead and load Sytrus because this plugin will do just fine. Load the Default present for the settings, go to Main module and drop the Master Pitch to -24 semitones. If you’re using another DAW and Synth plugin apply the same modifications to obtain the sample. The Oscillator shape should be Square and up next you need to apply a low pass filter. The Operator 1 needs to be disabled and the Filter module 1 needs to be at the full level.

Again, if you’re using FL Studio you can select the ‘Vanilla Low Pass’ as the filter type and use the CUT knob to control the filter cutoff frequency. Basically you need the ADSR envelope with a semi-short release. Select volume as the Editor Target and the EVN as the Articulator and switch on the envelope using the radio button but don’t forget to edit the envelope curve as shown in the picture. Copy the envelope editor state and for Operator 2 select Square and copy the same ADSR volume same as Operator 1. This is going to be a patch where a chord is programmed straight into it and we need to change the pitch of the Operators. Program a Major 7 chord (common in Deep House) and that requires 4 different Oscillators. Operator 2 is going to be transposed up by 4 semitones and after that we have root note OP1, the 3rd OP2, the 5th OP3 and the 7th Op4 in the major scale.

Up next you need to get on the Frequency Ratio in a few different ways but don’t worry if this got confusing in the way. We got a video set up for that and all you need to do is pay attention and press play on top of this post.

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