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Funkagenda And Future Music Tutorial On NI Massive

Funkagenda And Future Music Tutorial On NI Massive

Funkagenda teams up with Future Music Magazine for a in-depth tutorial on NI Massive plugin. As we all know the Native Instruments release is very popular but at some point guidance is require to understand its full potential and expand the sound area.

Another fact known about this VST instrument is that Electro producers have a thing for Massive so tune in to find out some essential tips and hints in case your main leads don’t turn out as you really hoped for. Don’t skip this set of visuals as Funkagenda goes deep on sharing his vision for the product and details basic with advanced techniques.

After welcoming us in the studio and introducing a few upgrades that he made, Funkagenda jumps right to the point and tells us what exactly should we expect from this video. Massive Macros seem to be the main target and the producer shares that he’s going to create a progressive Pad line and after that Macros are going to be used to create that epic feeling for the main sound. You can probably guess what impact is that going to have on your final sound. Nevertheless if you’re having second thoughts solid proof will be provided as the video tackles every angle regarding Massive and setting up the Macro controls.

No need for further introductions because Funkagenda jumps right to the point while creating a set of Chords to have a line ready to detain his mixing techniques. After the Chords get recorded the music producer loops the line and everything gets quantized at 16 notes. The first feature implemented for this loop is a in house Low-pass filter from Massive. The envelope function is added to the filter and Funkagenda tells us that Massive comes with the envelope preset already opened after being introduced to the main sound. You probably realized by now that you can moderate and mix the sound as you please just by working the envelope’s preset function.

After the Low-pass filter with the envelope were implemented on the Chords, the sound suffered some noticeable changes but the music producer doesn’t stop there and also pulls back the Decay function. Starting out as a Pad, the sound gets 4 Voices and almost becomes unrecognizable. A very interesting fact is shared by Funkagenda next and he tells us that deep mixing wasn’t always his thing but when he was recording “Drift” he saw Adam K doing extensive work for the sounds just so they can come up genuine. Apparently Adam uses mixing to keep the main sound balanced so Funkagenda is now considering that technique as well.

You’re definitely wrong if you think the studio session ends right here. The sound gets processed even further and the music producer brings out other mixing secrets. Native Massive features get roasted as well so hit play for the video placed above in case you didn’t already. Last but not least check out “Drift”from Funkagenda and Adam K below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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