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How Do Online Beat Makers Work?

Have you ever wondered how online beat makers work and what the difference is between producing and sequencing drums and tracks online vs downloading your software and using a conventional music making setup?

This article will help you understand this and will enable you to make a clearer choice when it comes to deciding how you should make your beats and produce your tracks!

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Just What Does It Mean To Make Beats Online?

What is meant by an “online beat maker” is that the software doesn’t actually run on your computer, it runs on a server and you access it through the web. Another term for this is a web app. For instance Facebook.com is a web app, you can use it through your web browser without actually having to download any software or run a program on your computer (other than your browser).

So making beats through the web would work the same way. You would visit a website and if need be login, and then access the beat making software through the web without ever having to download it!

The Advantages of Using an Online Beat Maker

A clear advantage of sequencing tracks and producing music this way is that you can access the site from any computer, and from anywhere in the world and you’d always be ready to pick up where you left off.

If you went on vacation, you could simply login to the site and start making your beats, no need to bring your laptop with you! As long as you have access to the internet you can access your tracks!

Another great advantage is that there’s no need to maintain an installation of your software, everything is maintained “server side” and you never have to worry about crashes, re-installs, upgrades, or anything like that. Because the host takes care of all that for you.

Should You Download Production Software Eventually?

In my opinion it’s a great idea to eventually supplement your online beat making with some offline software as well. The reason is that downloaded production software tends to be a bit more flexible and powerful, because after all the web is limited.

There is a ton of downloadable beat making software out there and we review quite a bit of it on this site. If you’re going to go that route then my suggestion is that you choose a good entry level program like Dubturbo, you can read an excellent dubturbo review, check it out.

I hope that has helped you to understand the difference between an online beat maker and software that you download and install.

If you have any questions about this just gimme a shout!

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