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Learn The Parts Of A Song

Learn The Parts Of A Song

make money from your own musicIf you want to make your own music beats then you need to know some of the basics in music making. The fundamentals are quite complex. But you don’t need to know everything, just learn a few simple steps of making your own beats then you will be on the right track of your dreams to become a music rock star someday.

If you don’t aim for fame, then you probably want to make money from your music. You can sell your tracks and generate sufficient income while enjoying the whole process altogether. Who knows, you might start by making this your hobby at first, but sooner or later you will decide to make a full time career out of it.

Nonetheless, regardless of your goal or if you simply love to make beats out of fun, you still need to learn the basics. Here are some of the important ones to start with.

Learn the Parts of the Songs

Before you make your own music beats, you need to know the different parts of a song. This is pretty obvious. It is impossible to create make a song if you don’t know the different parts. So let’s get on with it.


As the name implies, this is the first part of the song but this is also an important part since the introduction is largely responsible in grabbing the attention of the listeners. However, you should make sure to keep it short in order not to take the most part of the music. Remember, this is only an introduction. Normally, this lasts for around four to eight bars only.

While introduction is essential, not all genres of music have introduction. Some rock and dance music usually don’t have an intro. But for a start, it is best to begin your composition with an introduction.


Another important part of a song is the verse. This is the meat of the musical piece because its main purpose is to tell the story. Songs have stories to tell, and if you too have something to say to your audience then do it in the verse. Normally verses have the same melody, but the lyrics may change. Unlike the chorus, verses are a lot quieter.


After the verse comes the chorus. But some songs have a pre-chorus in order to prepare the listeners to the main part of the song, which is the chorus. The main goal of the pre-chorus is to build tension for the chorus. However, this is optional and you can opt to add it or not. The chorus is the main highlight of the song. Just like the verse, the melody repeats several times. But unlike the verse, the lyrics are generally the same.


After the chorus repeats for the second time comes the bridge. This is aimed to add contrast to the song and it also serve to break the monotony of repetitions of the verse and the chorus. The bridge normally don’t last more than 8 bars.


If you have an intro then you also need to have an outro. This fades the song towards its end. You can be creative in this aspect. You can use the lyrics of the chorus but with modified melody in the end.

Learn How to Make Your Own Music Beats

At this point you already know the basics of a song. It’s time to hit the drums and keyboards and make your own music beats. Make sure that you already have a powerful and reliable beat maker with you for smoother and flawless song production.

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