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Simple & Online Beat Making Tools

Many people would prefer to use a web based online beat maker to produce music rather than go the traditional route of downloading software that is more geared towards creating music offline and integrating it with a studio setup or other external music hardware.

The advantage to such a setup is that there is no software to download and you can work from any computer in the world, and from any location as long as you have a connection to the net and and a creative idea burning in your mind.

One of the downsides to this type of option is that they tend to be a bit more limited, less customizable, and not as fast. Although with the speed of today’s connections and the improvement in web architecture over the last few years you can definitely get some decent tracks made using one of these online apps.

So if you want to make beats online then keep reading and we’ll tell you which online beat apps for the web are the best, and even throw in a few free sites that let you create music, tracks, and beats for free!

Recommended Online Beat Makers

One of the best beat online music maker packages, although it isn’t free, can be found by clicking here. It’s probably our favorite because it is a great choice for those that want to jump right in and produce music with zero fuss or struggling to learn the software. You’ll notice in the demo just how easy and straight forward it is to learn, so check out that link and you’ll be floored by what your inner music potential truly is!

Free Online Beat Maker Sites

There are also a number of free online beat makers that you can make some pretty good tracks on. A really good one is called looplabs.com where you can make some super nasty dubstep beats. It utilizes a web based app that comes complete with an awesomely straight forward sequencer and a huge amount of kick ass samples to bring your dubstep ideas to life. I’ve personally had a ton of fun using this site and I think you will too…

Another great site is audiotool.com which provides you with a number of really interesting and fun tools for creating your own music. Simply fire up your web browser and start working on some beats or music right away!

If you use the above online music tools that should be more than enough to get you started and get your tongue wet with a thirst for music production. Once you’ve got settled in to the creative vibe and flow of producing your own music then you should check out this music beat maker and take things to the next level. It helps you to create your own music beats and is a step up from the tools above.

Taking Your Tracks Up a Notch

As I said at the end of the last paragraph, if you really want to take things up a notch then you are probably better off actually taking things away from the online tools and more to a downloadable program or software.

Using web based and server side apps are a great way to get your feet wet with making your own music but eventually you will want to improve your setup and start working on things that are a little more complex. You’ll also want more control over your sound quality and the speed at which your studio is running.

So keep everything I’ve said in this article in mind, but definitely go ahead and check out the free tools I’ve listed and get yourself started. After that check out some of the beat makers we recommend on this site and you will be well on your way to mastering music production and unlocking you creative potential.

Making music is one of the best feelings in the world, and all it takes is a few minutes in this game for you to become hooked, and once you do nothing will stand in your way and you’ll only improve and get stronger and stronger in your creativity.

For more tips on audio production keep reading this blog and pass along some of our articles to your friends, and if you have any suggestions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with my I’d be happy to help you in any way that I can.

Take care, and until next time, keep those beats rollin!

Alex Moruz Alex is a keen music aficionado who has written and published acclaimed opinion pieces on modern music genres such as techno, hip hop, rap and new age. He is a musician by training and has co-produced several records.