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This page will teach you everything you need to know about using your computer to make techno music, making drum beats, and which techno beat maker software you should check out.

Before we recommend a specific techno beat maker to help you with your beat making, you should first understand some of the basics that go into making drum beats on the computer. When you want to make a drum beat the first thing you need to understand is how music production works. And the great thing about modern music production is that pretty much anyone with a computer and a pair of speakers can use this technology to make their own drum patterns without needing a big fancy expensive music sudio.

First, understand that beats are simply sounds. They are sounds that are arranged into patterns using your techno beat maker software, and when you play the pattern back the computer reads the sounds, plays them through your speakers in the order that you arranged them, and thus you have a beat!

For instance, everyone knows the sound of a kick drum, and even if the term kick drum confuses you, just know that it is the sound that goes *boom* in a techno beat. It is the low drum sound that goes *boom*boom*boom*. So if you lay out a pattern of kick drums, you will now have a very simple beat, but kind of boring. So to make it more interesting the next step is to add another drum sound, for instance, a snare. So you use your computer music program to lay out a pattern of snare sounds over top of the kick sounds and now you have *boom*clap*boom*clap*.

It is really that simple.

A piece of music production software simply allows you to select the sounds you want to use to make your techno beat, and draw them out on a grid on your screen. And the patterns you draw on the screen will be played back as beats. So if you want to make beats, all you need is a simple program that allows you to do this. You don’t need to get the most expensive beat making strategies through the rest of our site. We’ve outlined some of our top articles below, so definitely check those out.

Also, if you need to download a top quality, yet easy to use beat maker, then we highly recommend that you check out DubTurbo beat making software which makes it very easy to make techno beats, even if you have no experience with music production. It really helps to make beat making simple and you are guaranteed to have it installed quickly and making your first beat within a matter of minutes.

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