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Types Of Filters – Finding The Right One When Mixing Your Music

Types Of Filters – Finding The Right One When Mixing Your Music

Any professional beat maker will suggest that producing music has a lot to do with mixing your sounds and an easy beat maker that allows you to add your external mixing parameters will provide the perfect platform to exercise a good workflow when building tracks.

In the music mixing equation, Filters stand as a solid figure so today we decided to break down some common types of Filters while explaining how can they help you to improve your sound quality. Just to give up on a small production secret, mixing can actually make or break the song so let’s see what this tutorial brings new for all the upcoming producers out there trying to record.

The first Filter is called a Low-Pass Filter or short ‘LPF’ and it’s in charge of low frequencies while removing the high frequencies when being applied to a sound. You can also call it a High-Cut Filter because of that and it’s often used in build-ups on 808 drums. Of course, this is just a random example and you can add this tool into your easy beat maker and tweak it as much as you want. A professional beat maker will point out that making music has a lot to do with exploring so don’t be afraid to do that.

Up next we have the High-Pass Filter or the ‘HPF’ and you guessed it: this has to do with cutting the low frequencies and it’s a very common tool used in mixing music. This is also called a Low-Cut Filter and it’s working around 20 Hertz when being applied. The next Filter is called Band-Pass and when it’s being applied it removes the frequencies below and above that frequency-band. This can be used to create a telephone-like effect, perfect for build-ups as well.

Next we have a Band-Cut Filter and this allows us to move a band of frequencies while keeping the frequencies below and above that. A Notch Filter is a type of Band-Cut Filter but it has a really narrow band so it only removes a small group of frequencies and this is actually very popular for a professional beat maker. A free beat maker usually provides it too so no worry if you’re making music on a free DAW.

These were just a few types of Filters and they’re the most common in the market used in music studios on a world-wide level. Hit play on the video to hear some samples.

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