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You Can Make Studio Quality Music With These Few Tips

You Can Make Studio Quality Music With These Few Tips

studio quality dubstep makerIn the past, producing sound tracks can only be done inside a professional studio. We can now leave the past behind because today is what the future holds, and the present technological advancement makes it possible for you to make studio quality music even within the confines of your own room.

On top of that, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on instruments and devices to build your own music studio. With minimal investment, you can already transform your room into a studio that is capable of producing audio tracks like a pro.

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Preliminary Procedures When Building Your Own Home Studio

Plan Ahead – Choose the Type of Studio Best Suited for You

First and foremost, you need to plan out the type of studio that you would like to build. While there are many different types of home studios, there are two major types to choose from. One is a vocal recording studio, and the other is the beats making studio.

If you are planning to use musical instruments and vocals, then you need a recording studio that is fully soundproof. Outside noise can distort your tracks and you need complete silence in this case. Therefore, you have to allocate a special room for your home studio, which you can soundproof.

On the other hand, the beats making studio don’t need to be soundproof since you can make music from the internal sounds of the computer without recording the outside noise. In this case, your studio can be your bedroom at the same time. This is cheaper, as well, since soundproofing is not required.

However, soundproofing is still advisable in order to fully appreciate and accurately mix different beats. Aside from that, soundproofing your room will avoid complaints from neighbors, especially if you maximize the volume during the production.

List Down the Required Equipment, Instruments, and Devices

The next step is to list down all the required instruments, devices, equipment, programs, and accessories required for seamless music recording and production. Some of the things that should be ideally in your list are as follows:

While you can basically make studio quality music at home using only your personal computer installed with necessary software like the powerful DUBturbo, you are better off equipped with a couple of professional home studio equipment and devices that let you create world-class and studio-quality music. If there is enough room for upgrades, then perhaps the studio monitor is a device that you need to upgrade first.

Make studio quality music using a studio monitor

Ordinary speakers will do for aesthetic sound reproduction. However, studio monitors will let you reproduce sounds more accurately and gives you the true noise level of your beats. There are 3 types of studio monitors to choose from. They are the active monitor, the passive monitor, and the close field.

The active monitor is also called as the powered monitor. This is already equipped with an amplifier within the same cabinet, making it quite handy to move around. In some cases, extra electrical outlets may be required.

The passive monitor, also referred to as the unpowered monitor, does not have an amplifier. Thus, a separate amplifier is required in this case and you will have two separate devices. This can sometimes cause inconvenience during transfers. However, this will also give you added flexibility when setting up your system since you get to choose the right amplifier best suited in your case.

The other type is the close field, known otherwise as the near field simply because they must be literally placed near you, preferably within 3 to 5 feet. They must be installed at the head level, as well, for maximum effects. The placement of the monitor can greatly affect the quality of your sounds. That is why interaction with barriers should be avoided as much as possible.

Audio interface

The audio interface will tremendously boost the sound quality of your recording. While high-end laptops are now equipped with powerful soundcards, they were still designed for listening with less emphasis on high quality recording. Consequently, you still need to have an audio interface if you are to record vocals and instruments.

When shopping for audio interface, there a couple of things you need to bear in mind. One is the connections. Make sure they are compatible with the ports in your laptop. Macs normally have unique ports and requirements, and this may present compatibility issues if you fail to consider this when buying the device.

Similarly important are the inputs. This is not much of an issue if you will only record a single instrument or a single voice. But if you are going to simultaneously record vocals and instruments, then you may require multiple inputs for your audio interface.

Use PC to Make Music with Necessary Software

One critical component, in some cases the most important component, is the software that allows you to use your computer for music production. There are two major types to choose from. They are as follows:

Free Online Beats Maker

You may want to try out the free products available online to make studio quality music. But most often than not, you will be dismayed by the limited features. There is no harm in trying some of these free online programs, but you can take your music production to the next level by going for the premium brand right away.

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Premium Music Maker

Premium brands are normally equipped with more features that further enhance your sound production. One highly-recommended beats making software is DUBturbo. This is rich in features and fully packaged with DUBturbo video tutorials. It is also pre-loaded with extensive collection of samples. This comes with outstanding 24/7 customer support and an online version of the program.

But more importantly, DUBturbo is fully loaded with powerful features like the VST Norbox effects and mastering unit, the wubwub and wub2 wobble makers, the samploid sampler, the 16-track sequencer, the 4-octave keyboard, and the 10-pad drum machine.

So with DUBturbo installed in your laptop, it is like having several devices in your room inside your computer. You can save a lot of space since you no longer have to purchase some instruments for beats making.

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