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Easy Beat Maker Online – Mixing For EDM (Part 2)

Easy Beat Maker Online – Mixing For EDM (Part 2)

After breaking down some of the initial stages of your EDM music or just some random background moves that you can place while making techno we decided to continue our tutorial with the final shots helping you take the best out of your DAW or just your usual easy beat maker online.

Up until this point you should have a solid background when it comes to mixing music, not just EDM, so let’s see where we can take this to obtain a better quality for our songs. Part 2 of our EDM mixing tutorial right below, check it out!

When you feel satisfied with the adjustment of the percussion sounds to your easy beat maker online, you might want to add the baseline. This might seem a little bit hard and tricky, as the bass is more or less in the same frequency as your kick, but you should follow the previous rule and increase the bass levels until it is loud enough to be heard, but keep focusing to maintain the kick in the center of your tune. This is a basic rule when making techno music.

However, being the second most important piece in a tune, adjusting the baseline might give you some extra headache. To prevent a low end heavy bass with your easy beat maker online from mashing with the kick without using extra artifice such as EQ or side chain compression, be careful when you sequence your baseline and don’t place a note where your kick hits.

So, when you’ve reached this point, you might want to add the supporting sounds for the baseline, if your tune contains any. Keep it simple and adjust them in a manner which completes both the kick and the baseline. They should nuance and enrich the bass sound, not take over it. However, if you have any essential lead melody theme line in your mix, bring it on front and try to balance it with the kick. Best way to deal with it if you’re making techno tunes.

All things considered, I hope you will try this this method of balancing the volume levels in your tune as, in my opinion, provides a more efficient way to control the sound, allowing you to “build” the mix, element by element. And also keep in mind the rule: mix everything against your kick (and baseline) to obtain a fair quality when making techno music!

This is about it but if you need help we placed a video tutorial for you below just to get a better hold of your mixing. The knowledge that we break down here can be applied regardless if your using your own personal DAW or an easy beat maker online so good luck!

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