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Guide On How To Create Your Own Beats

create your own beatsIf you want to create your own beats then let this be your guide to show you how to make music on your own. The art of music making is getting popular in the advent of technological advances in the music industry.

The available technology today has broken the barriers set by sound production using solely musical instruments. You can now make music even without using one single musical instrument. Just a computer plus a program or software will do, and you can already compose your songs and produce the tracks, and even sell it in the market for added income.

But before anything else, it is best to go back to the basics first and that is to get an overview of music and the different genres and subgenres. By knowing or getting a refresher of the fundamentals, you will be off to a good start.

Music Overview

Music is a relatively broad field with many genres and subgenres, and it is getting bigger as newer forms of music genres are created over time. This is due to the fact that music is an art, and art has no limit along with creativity and innovations of man.

The music genre, in its entirety, is also complicated as genres were formed based on several parameters. It is classified according to style, content type, spirit of the theme, and according to the musical techniques used, as well as musical instruments.

There are several criteria used to categorize the different genres. Among them, but not limited to, are time period, instrumentation techniques, social functions, the trichotomy of art, fusional origins, and national and regional origins. Nonetheless, some of the popular major genres are listed below.

Music Genre

  • Country
  • Blues music
  • Electronic
  • Hip hop
  • Modern folk
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • R&B
  • Rock

Take note that under each genre, there are many subgenres. Electronic music, for instance, is arguably the broadest genre with numerous subgenres that could number more than a hundred; it is popular, as well.

Electronic music is the music genre that you are going to make if you are to create your own songs and tracks using a beat making software. By definition, any music produced using electronic and electromagnetic instruments and technology is classified as electronic music. Since you shall be using an electronic music making software in this case, which is the beats maker, therefore your tracks will be classified as electronic music.

Now that you have a short refresher on music and its genres, it’s time to proceed to making electronic music on your own using a computer and software. Get the software here.

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Programs or Software to create your own music

There are many music makers to choose from. They are available in various online stores, as well as direct from the makers’ official websites. But as you browse through different products, you will soon observe that there are two main types. They are the online programs and the downloadable software.

Making music online

The online products are quite handy to use. No more installation is needed. Therefore, this can save you precious memory space in your hard drive. Aside from that, you can access the software anywhere in WiFi areas with internet access. You don’t have to bring your laptop with you. Any computer with internet connectivity will do.

Just go straight to the website where the software is offered. Some of them are free to use, but there are also premium products that require subscription or a one-time fee before you can access and use the program.

If you are a complete beginner, it is suggested to try out the free online software first in order to have some ideas on how it works. These programs will somehow give you an orientation on the music software.

However, you have to learn the process on your own since support and tutorials are normally not offered. This may take you some time to learn, but you will surely enjoy the learning process. You will also feel the excitements of being able to compose tracks using the different features of the program.

But since the program is free, it is more likely that the features are also limited; just the basics but, nonetheless, useful. In order to gain full access to the advanced features, you may have to upgrade to the premium access for a certain fee.

Ideally, try out the free version first. If you like the software then you can upgrade to the premium version for enhanced user-experience, and for expanded flexibility and more power to make high-quality tracks.

While the online programs give you several benefits, they have disadvantages, as well. You can only make beats online if internet connectivity is available. If you are in a place where there is no internet, then you can’t use the software and that means no music making session for you. Of course, there are alternatives like 3G access to the internet, but this is also costly on your part.

Create your own beats using downloadable software

Another option is the downloadable software. In contrast to online programs, this provides flexibility in usage because you can use the software with or without internet connectivity. You will not be affected by internet speed, as well.

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But just like the online programs, this is also available as a free download and as a premium product. It is not advisable to use the free downloadable music makers because they are usually bundled with malicious programs. So use only the premium brands of trusted manufacturers.

On the downside of using downloadable products, you can use the program at a specific computer where it is installed. Therefore, you will have to bring along your laptop with you during travels if you want to compose some songs during the trip. Aside from that, this will consume space in your hard drive. However, these are just minor drawbacks compared to the benefits of the software.

Either way, what is important is you can now make beats, melodies, and rhythms and compose your own audio tracks. You can bring out the musician in you and let it shine for the world to hear your masterpiece.

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