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Electronic Music Making Software For Ultimate Audio Production

Electronic Music Making Software For Ultimate Audio Production

electronic music making softwareCreating your own electronic music is literally easy. Just get any electronic device like an electronic guitar and start strumming and making beats. That’s it, and you’re done. But it is not as easy as it may look; it is actually more complicated than you think.

To create electronic music, the beats must be fined tuned and the melody properly laid out. But if you are using an electronic beats maker, the process becomes easier. Since the music genre is specific to electronic, then it is best to start with an overview of what electronic music is all about.

Electronic Music Overview

This is one of the popular genres of music in the modern world. But even before it became quite popular in the music industry, it already existed more than a century back, even as far as in the late 1800s.

By definition, this music genre is produced using electronic musical instruments and technology. The sounds produced were made using electromechanical sound producing devices like the electronic guitar, the Hammond organ, and the telharmonium. This can also be made using electronic sound production from musical devices like the sound synthesizer, the theremin, and a computer with beats maker installed in it.

Since music produced using electronic devices and technology can be rightfully classified as electronic music, there are many genres and subgenres under its wing. The list is long and it continues to get longer over time as newer genres evolved. Nonetheless, some of the popular genres are as follows:

  • Ambient
  • Breakbeat
  • Disco
  • Downtempo
  • Drum and bass
  • Dub fusion genres
  • Electro music
  • Electroacoustic
  • Electronica
  • Electronic rock
  • Hard core
  • Hard dance
  • House music
  • Industrial music
  • Intelligent dance
  • Jungle
  • Post disco
  • Techno
  • Trance

Under each of the above genre, there are many subgenres. So you can just imagine the extent of coverage of electronic music.  From its definition alone, you can also observe that this can be quickly done with ease, and it gets simpler if you have a music making software with you like DUBturbo. This can teach you how to make electronic music, as well.

What type of software to make beats?

While there are many different programs that allow you to make beats, it is important to choose a high-quality brand trusted by many artists not only for its reliability in performance but also for its numerous functionalities. The features are the soul of the software; hence, due focus should be given when shopping for the best music software to use.

Different brands have unique features. Some are equipped with many, others only have a few. Regardless of the number of features a software has, it is important that the basic components are there. Here are some of the basic features that you should carefully check in order not to miss out on even one feature can make a whole lot of differences.

The Sequencer

You can hardly make music without a sequencer. This feature lets you make the necessary edits to your piece, and more precisely arrange your notes in seamless sequence. The edits can be the notes to play, the length of the notes, as well as the loudness of the notes.

One good software with powerful sequencer is DUBturbo. It is equipped with 16 track sequencer where you can build your tracks around. You can also quickly draw in bars or build in bars to create patterns or to modify the sounds. There are thousands of drums and sounds you can jog through, as well. So get DUBturbo today.

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The Synthesizer

A lot of people sometimes confused synthesizer with sequencer, and the other way around. Sometimes they are even associated with the other or treated as the same when in fact they are quite different in many ways. The synthesizer is the tool that produces the sound based on what you input on the sequencer, while the sequencer tells the synthesizer what notes to play.

So in plain and simple terms to differentiate a synthesizer from a sequencer, the sequencer is like a program where you input the notes that you would like to be played, the length of the notes, and its loudness. The synthesizer, on the other hand, will be one to implement it and produces the sound.

Nonetheless, these tools should go hand-in-hand but it is better to know the main differences between the two. Sometimes they are integrated in one tool. But there are also programs where they are offered separately.

Drum machine to make your own drum beats

A drum machine should, likewise, be a part of the music making program if you are going to produce electronic music, which normally require some drum beats for heart-pounding sound effects. A drum machine is a digital version of drums. They accurately mimic the different sounds of not just drums but also of various percussion instruments.

Drum machines usually come with drum pads, and each pad has a pre-assigned trigger. There are brands that offer several pads per drum machine. The more pads, the more choices you will get to make better sounding drums.

DUBturbo has 10 pad drum machine per kit, and there are more than 40 kits packaged with the software. This gives you better flexibility during your music production while allowing you to quickly move around your sounds with ease. All drums were also professionally mastered in order to produce resounding sounds with maximum clarity.

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More features the better

Aside from the above components, many other features are offered by different brands of software to make them more enticing to musicians. Choosing the right software for your electronic music production can be quite challenging at times. You will be awed by the advanced features, but you must give more focus on the three fundamental components briefly mentioned above to ensure that you will truly be able to make high-quality electronic tracts.

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