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Making The Beat – A Chillstep Buildup

Making The Beat – A Chillstep Buildup

The coverage for this sub-gender usually sticks to YouTube heat seakers building mixes but the uploads get a few million views!

Let’s try and see what a Chillstep structure contains.

1. The Pads

The most important thing here is the Pad(s). You need something to build a mellow atmosphere. Surf through your VST library and find a sound that gives you a warm feeling. Build a 8 bar line with the first notes in the C section, go up and then down. You can copy the C section between them and transform it into a loop.

2. Bass line

Let the Pad play one time, copy and paste it next and try to develop a bass line under the second structure. Find a strong sound but don’t use something that punches in. Make something melodic but don’t build it too “jumpy” yet.

3. Sample a voice

Look for a voice to sample. They’re easy to work with and it’s not hard to find one for Chillstep. Aim for Lana del Rey or anything similar. You need something like 8 bars but 16 or 32 will be great!

After 4 bars have been played in the Pad and Bass structure (not the Pad intro) put in the first 4 voice sample bars. Let the other 4 play solo while you build in the “semi-drop”.

4. The light “drums” – “semi-drop”

Before the actual drop you should add some light drums for your current structure. So the voice sample just had it’s first part finished, what’s next?

They key here is sampling the right voice. The intensity should go up while the beat remains on the sample level. Only light “drums” are added.

Find a good kick and a snap while making the beat. I always go for snaps at this point because they’re very easy to work with. Build a simple kick and snap beat without any percussion. Let the melody finish and add a rising effect at the end. Pause for one bar before adding the next structure.

5. The actual drop

This is something like the Chorus. Everything will bounce while making the beat.

The kick remains with a fast percussion set, a snare (don’t over use the compression) and a moving beat. Switch the bass from melodic to wooble (same sound) and add another instrument following the melody.

Copy the whole section and go higher with a set of Strings. You can repeat the structure from the beginning after this.

Chillstep has the same concept as Dubstep the only main difference is that Dubstep hits way harder, especially on the bass line and the drums. This is something more melodic with positive song themes. Feel free to share your thoughts and remember that more making the beat videos are coming soon!

Alex Moruz Alex is a keen music aficionado who has written and published acclaimed opinion pieces on modern music genres such as techno, hip hop, rap and new age. He is a musician by training and has co-produced several records.