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Making A Progressive House Beat With FL 11

Making A Progressive House Beat With FL 11

After learning the basics of house music your are free to take on a bigger challenge! We selected the Progressive House sub-gender up for debate because of its increasing popularity.

The main difference between House music and Progressive House is the song length. House is something that receives massive club play and it’s perfect for Lounge but Progressive House songs can hit radio play. The format is more accessible and the Progressive tracks have a good commercial structure. People expressed good interest for this sub-gender and there’s a considerable amount of replays for Progressive House mixes.

1. Chose the sounds – start off simple

Make a selection for the sounds without stressing out this part. If you manage to implement the basic structure you can make changes after. The key word here is “progressive” so you can start off pretty simple. Remember to use the “ghost” notes and to go up within the line structure. There’s a lot of high keys in a basic Progressive House instrument.

2. Add chords 

My favorite part in making beats destined for Progressive House: massive chords usage.

Don’t jump off with adding the “drums” yet. Chords often have the bass impact in this sub-gender. This will place a depth on the main instrument/line with great accent on the overall feeling. You can build the structure in the same line with the same sounds just go down this time. Add one set of notes and if that doesn’t do it add a second one(besides the main melody). Make sure you’re not exaggerating.

 This set(s) can follow the main one or create their own path. It’s really up to you.

3. Drums

We’re going for a twist here. Consider doing this from time to time when making beats. Leave everything as it is and move the line(s) you created until now at 32 bars somewhere. Start off with a kick and build a new 4 bars line with it. Don’t add any additional elements besides a punchy chord bass and make it a low one. Look for the bass to follow the kicks but also try “ghost” notes.

Might sound crazy but this will be your intro. Add an atmospheric sound announcing the end of the loop and after the whole bar a big effect announcing the bridge. Make a one second gap, let the effect vanish and don’t add anything. What’s next? Well you already build it…

It’s the main Progressive House melody/line. The one you first created without the low chords.

4. Go full force

Let the main melody play for 4 bars and then come through will all the elements created before plus some claps on the beat and a percussion. Congratulations, you just created 60% of a Progressive House song with the “drop” included!

Go where you want from there and consider adding a Pad full with effects (general advice when making beats in Electro). Watch the video helping you to create the main elements and remember that more making beats tutorials are coming soon!

Alex Moruz Alex is a keen music aficionado who has written and published acclaimed opinion pieces on modern music genres such as techno, hip hop, rap and new age. He is a musician by training and has co-produced several records.