Rap Beat Maker

Quickly Start Producing Rap Beats with This SICK Rap Beat Maker!

  • Do you want to produce your own rap beats on your home computer?
  • Are you looking for software that is PRO STUDIO quality AND easy enough to use for someone who has never produced before?
  • Do you want to discover your hidden talent for producing music & beats?

Many people feel completely overwhelmed when they first set out to learn about rap music production, how to make beats and which rap beat maker software they should get…

Their first concern is that they need to spend a ton of cash getting the latest hardware and software, and turn their spare room into a full blown music studio… That’s cool and all but remember this: some of the biggest producers and beat makers in today’s game are using nothing more than their laptop and a pair of headphones to create those sick tracks you hear on the radio…

… sure, they DO take those tracks into a big time studio to do some final mastering and mixing touch ups, but 95% of the BIGGEST tracks you hear are made with a simple rap beat maker, some headphones, and a laptop. Seriously.

Many new producers also worry that music production is insanely complicated and that it will take weeks or months to learn. The truth is that music production CAN be very complicated, but it can also be very simple, and with today’s technology there are some totally sick tools that put real studio quality production into your hands.

So what exactly do you need to do to get started with producing your own rap beats TODAY?


Your first step is to get software. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t looking for software…

My recommendation is that you choose software that is both powerful and easy enough that you can start right away even if you have no experience with production.

My #1 Rap Beat Maker Recommendation for New Producers

Dubturbo is the perfect rap beat maker for new producers who want to jump right in and start producing tracks and beats RIGHT AWAY. It’s the perfect introduction to how a music studio works, and it puts the power of a complete virtual studio at your finger tips and makes it very straightforward and easy to figure out.

Even if you’re new, dubturbo helps you make killer sounding tracks and beats RIGHT AWAY, instead of struggling and getting frustrated like you might with other software…

The thing I like most about Dubturbo is that it teaches you all of the components of a music studio and how they work together.

You get…

  • 16 Track Stereo Mixer with pans, mutes, faders, and more
  • 8 Pad Drum machine for sequencing SICK Beats
  • 4 Octave sampling keyboards for bangin out funky melodies, chords, and bass patterns
  • Thousands of rap samples, beats, fx, vocals, and sounds
  • Full training videos and tutorials to show you the ropes

There is honestly no better choice for someone who wants to get started with making rap beats. If you’re looking for a rap beat maker, then THIS is your best bet. No struggling, no hassle, just straight up beat making and rap production!

Click Here to Check Out Dubturbo!

This is What it Feels like to Produce Your Own Rap Beats

It feels damn satisfying, that’s how it feels.

If you love music but you’ve never made music before then let me tell you that it’s the same experience and feeling you get when listening to your favorite beat or track, BUT x10!!

There’s nothing in the world like staying up all night with your headphones cranked while you bump out sick rap beats and start imagining each new step of the way. Next comes the melody, then comes the funky bass line, then comes some scratch samples…

When you’re producing and creating music it just seems to unfold in front of you, it’s honestly a true natural high. You lose track of all time and awareness and you’re just IN THE BEAT.

If you HAVE made music before then you know exactly what I’m talking about, everything else just disappears and you become totally enveloped by the process of creating music.

Dubturbo is such a great tool becaue it really frees you up to just be creative and let go and not worry about trying to figure out something complex or complicated…

… it never interrupts your flow..
… it enables you, instead of being a thorn in your side while you’re in a blaze of creativity…
… it helps you to be the best producer you can possibly be, even if you’re completely new to music production and making beats…

So if you’re ready to see what you’re made of, if you’re ready to make your own rap music and you want the best damn rap beat maker software, then click the button below and you’ll be producing your own tracks in about 5 damn minutes from now!!!

Alex Moruz Alex is a keen music aficionado who has written and published acclaimed opinion pieces on modern music genres such as techno, hip hop, rap and new age. He is a musician by training and has co-produced several records.