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You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Make Your Own Music Beats

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Make Your Own Music Beats

how to make beatsMoney sometimes hinders you from pursuing your dreams to make your own music beats. This was particularly true to aspiring music artists before. In order to produce an album, you need to have enough money to finance the production from song writing to composing, all the way down to recording and selling the album. In fact in the past, most music artists got their break only when they were discovered by an album producer or when their submissions were chosen by the recording company.

Fortunately, today you don’t have to be rich to create your own music. With only little investment, you can create an album of your original tracks. You can even sell the album and earn from its revenues. There are plenty of online resources to market your tracks and make it even popular.

You also don’t need someone or a rich producer to sponsor your album for recording and production. You can do everything on your own, from music composing to marketing your products without needing a recording studio and without spending a lot of money.

So money today should no longer be a hindrance for many aspiring artists. This will pave the way for you to shine and become the music artist that you have always dreamed of.

What you need to make your own beat online

With just a computer plus a music maker and a couple of accessories for better user-experience, you are off to a good start in fulfilling your dreams to have an album of your own. But before all else, you have to start first by making your music. If you don’t know where to start, here are some valuable tips that may prove useful for you.

Get a good beat making software

Provided that you already have a computer, the first thing to do is to start looking for a nice program that can help you compose songs and create beats. This is the crucial part because the quality of the software can make or break your day. Don’t settle for less but go for the best with features unmatched by any other software. One of them is Dubturbo.

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Pick a story or a main theme for your song

Once you have the software, the next step is to choose a story for your song, or just a main topic to focus on. If you have the topic, creating the lyrics will become easier.

The topics could be your love life, your expressions and feelings for a person, your laments about the loss of a loved one, your thoughts and opinion about life or about politics, or just about anything that you want to get out of your chest and share to the world. That’s the beauty of song writing. It is like writing a poem, an essay, or about your life’s story.

Create a song structure

The next stage is building the structure of your song. This serves as the foundation of your piece. Among all else, it must have a chorus, and you can start with it since this is where you place the main topic. This helps in telling to the listeners what your song is all about.

Aside from the chorus, your song should have an introduction, a first verse and a second verse. If you want lengthy songs then you can expand further to 3rd and 4th verse. But basically, the song structure must consist of an intro, verses, and chorus.

Choose a beat and make the lyrics

After the structure is done, the most challenging but fun part is knowing how to make your own music beats and in creating the lyrics. This is the part where your beats software comes in to assist you in making the beats. Choose the right beats for your song.

What is good about the program is that there are thousands of samplers included in the program which you can get inspiration from. You can mix various samples and make the beats during the process.

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Make your own beats and record your works

As you create your beats, make sure to record your works. You can’t remember everything and sometimes you may forget the beautiful beats that you have just created. But if you record your every beats that you make, your song production should go on smoothly and quick.

Refine and fine tune

When you are almost done with your song, fine tune your piece and refine the melodies for seamless flow of the beats and lyrics. You can do this by keep on practicing your music piece. Cut the words if possible. Remember, this is a song and not a story or a poem. So the main focus should be on the melodies.

Sell and Market Your Album

Well, this is optional but highly recommended. You are not making music just for nothing, right? So, monetize your work. Sell your tracks. This is not hard to do, but with due diligence and mixed with your marketing skills, you can get your tracks to the racks and shelves of music stores. Not basically in tangible form, which may require huge investment from your end, but as a digital downloadable audio file in wav or mp3 format.

What is good about DUBturbo is that it is more than just a software. In fact, it is a program specially packaged with awesome perks and value added services. The program will assist you in selling your tracks and get it right in front of a wider audience. This will further boost the exposure of your works and make it popular in no time if they effectively catch the appeal of the right people yearning for better and unique tracks.

However, such feature is not offered in all beat making products. You can go ahead and make your own research to find the perfect one for you. But you can save time and efforts by just choosing DUBturbo as your partner in your song writing and music production venture.

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